Dallas Mavericks history: 5 all-time players we’re most thankful for

Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki Mandatory Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports
Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki Mandatory Credit: Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports /
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Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports /

Dallas Mavericks players we’re thankful for: 4. Luka Doncic

While many Mavs fans are older than Luka and he has only been on the team for two years, the 21-year-old may be the most exciting prospect and talented player the franchise has ever had. Doncic has already become a walking record-breaking machine, won Rookie of the Year, and was named first-team All-NBA.

As a magician on the court, Luka led the league in triple-doubles and made every game must-watch television. his IQ, unbelievable finishes, step-backs, and passes should have fans giving thanks. The potential future championships and joy Luka will bring to the whole city of Dallas is something nobody should take for granted.

The team has already shown how much they appreciate Luka with their offseason acquisitions, and the fans should make sure to do the same so Luka never wants to leave Dallas. While it may seem premature to have Luka on this list, he should continue to rise and maybe even compete for the number one spot by the time his career comes to a close.

Luka should continue right where he left off last year and be an MVP candidate as he propels the Dallas Mavericks into championship contention. While there are always areas to improve and ways to criticize the team, make sure to be thankful for Luka Doncic not only during Thanksgiving but for the whole year.

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