Dallas Mavericks: Boban Marjanovic is taking on all comers in table tennis

Dallas Mavericks Boban Marjanovic (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Boban Marjanovic (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic takes on Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis in table tennis

Dallas Mavericks are still in the early stages of the season’s restart. They arrived on July 8. The Mavs just played their first game that counted on Friday. Dallas has seven more plus the playoffs before departing Walt Disney World.

The Mavericks have been enjoying their time away from the court. No family or friends are allowed inside the bubble until after the first round of the playoffs. That means the Mavs have been hanging out together. Fans have spotted them playing games, nailing trick shots, golfing, and even spending a day at the pool.

Boban Marjanovic has been playing some table tennis in Orlando. Let us take a look at what we know so far.

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Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic will take on anyone in table tennis

The NBA has set up a few tables for ping-pong inside the bubble. Bobi has been taking on all comers so far. He faced Luka Doncic a few days back. Fans can see the proof here.

Marjanovic also played Kristaps Porzingis on Aug. 1. The two went back and forth on Instagram about the game. No word on who won just yet, though.

Bobi has been hanging out with Luka a ton in Orlando. Fans have seen the two fishing and playing Pickleball together. It is fantastic to watch.

Marjanovic is hoping for a few more minutes in the Mavs game against the Phoenix Suns. He played just five in the first contest. Boban still had six points and five rebounds in the limited action. It was surprising Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle never went back to him, especially late in the game when Dallas needed a rebound.

Boban Marjanovic’s minutes are something to monitor closely over the seeding games. The 31-year-old can make a massive impact on any game. It will be interesting to see how coach Carlisle uses him moving forward, so stay tuned.

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