Mavericks: Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson go back and forth on Twitter

Dallas Mavericks guards Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson go back and forth on Twitter

The Dallas Mavericks hit the 2018 NBA Draft out of the park. They traded up to acquire Luka Doncic. The 21-year-old is in the MVP conversation in his second NBA season. The Mavs also drafted Jalen Brunson in the second round. The 23-year-old looks like he will be a key piece for Dallas for the next decade-plus.

The two players quickly became friends. Both play point guard for the Mavericks. Brunson’s minutes have been limited in his first two seasons because he backs up Luka. Fans know he shows out whenever Doncic misses time.

The two let fans in on a fun back and forth conversation on June 19. Let us take a look.

Dallas Mavericks guards Luka Doncic and Jalen Brunson shares some laughs on Twitter

The conversation started with Brunson tweeting out about a video game. Luka quickly responded. Fans can see the two tweets below.

All in good fun Brunson responded again with this.

Luka was quick to remind him about a bet the two made earlier this year. Brunson must wear a Dallas Cowboys jersey to a game. He is not looking forward to that as an Eagles fan. Brunson told Doncic to “bring it to Orlando”.

The two teammates have continued to have fun and compete during the hiatus. Fans may remember them squaring off in FIFA a few months back. It is awesome to see the two are close and can share a few laughs away from the court.

Fans also learned that Brunson plans to head to Orlando for the NBA’s restart. Coach Rick Carlisle ruled him out for the year earlier this month. The fact that he plans on going to Disney World is a positive for the Mavs as they hope to make a deep playoff run.

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