Do Dallas Mavericks win a championship with Michael Jordan in 2002?

Dallas Mavericks Michael Jordan (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Michael Jordan (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Mavericks, Michael Jordan
Dallas Mavericks Michael Jordan (SHAWN THEW/AFP via Getty Images) /

Can they top Spurs and Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title in 2002 led by Kobe and Shaq. It capped off their three-peat with Phil Jackson as head coach.

Would the Dallas Mavericks featuring Michael Jordan dethrone them? It is an interesting question. Kobe going up against Jordan was always a thrilling matchup. The Mavs would have struggled to defend Shaq. They were arguably a deeper team adding in Jordan, though. It would have been one interesting Western Conference Finals matchup in 2002.

Jordan was injured that year. No telling if that would have happened in Dallas or not, but it is worth mentioning. He may not have played in the playoffs because of his knee injury.

The Spurs won the title in 2003 led by a prime Tim Duncan. That year the Mavericks with MJ would have had another (and possibly improved) chance at a title.

Jordan was the ultimate competitor. Could he have willed young Dirk and the Mavericks to a championship in one of those two years? We will never know.

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It would have been a lot of fun, though. Fans filled arenas across the NBA to see Jordan play for the Wizards. It would have been a tougher ticket to get in Dallas as they were contending. Consider it a fun what-if scenario for Dallas Mavericks fans to ponder.