Dallas Mavericks: Rick Carlisle makes second cameo in ‘The Last Dance’

Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)
Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images) /

Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle was again a small piece of “The Last Dance” in episode five. Find out more on his cameo here.

Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle made an unflattering cameo on the first evening of The Last Dance. He was a player on the Boston Celtics championship team in 1986. They faced off against Michael Jordan’s Bulls in the first round. Jordan got hot and nobody could stop him. Carlisle tried but failed. The announcer had some less than flattering things to say about his defense. See more on his first cameo here.

Episode five came out on May 3. It opened with a feature on Jordan’s All-Star performance in 1998 specifically him facing off against Kobe Bryant.

As Jordan came out of the locker room, Carlisle was there talking to Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Bird was the head coach of the Indiana Pacers and the Eastern Conference All-Star team that year. Carlisle was an assistant on his staff in both cases.

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It is awesome for Mavs fans that Carlisle has been a footnote in The Last Dance. Everybody is watching. The documentary is allowing some fans to relive fantastic memories and introducing others to the greatness of Michael Jordan.

Carlisle played five seasons in the NBA split between the Celtics, Knicks, and Nets.

He transitioned to coaching in the 1989-1990 season. Carlisle spent 11 seasons as an assistant before getting the head job with the Pistons. He coached them to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2003. Carlisle became the head coach for the Pacers for four seasons including a second conference finals appearance before joining the Mavericks in 2008.

Carlisle has been the head man in Dallas ever since. He led them to their only championship in 2011. Carlisle was on the verge of having the Mavs in the playoffs for the eighth time in 12 seasons this year. He is one of the best in the NBA.

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Hopefully, it is only good cameos for Rick Carlisle in The Last Dance moving forward.