Mavericks: Could Seth Curry be the greatest 3-point shooter ever?

Dallas Mavericks Seth Curry (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Seth Curry (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks Seth Curry Copyright 2020 NBAE (Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Why things should get better

Over his career, Seth Curry has proven he excels when shooting open catch and shoot attempts. Those numbers have only improved this season.

According to NBA Stats, Curry is hitting 48.4 percent on catch and shoot attempts. Those are not slowing down over the next three years. Luka Doncic is second in the league in touches per game. He is going to have the ball and has no trouble finding an open shooter.

Speaking of being open, Curry has attempted 216 3-pointers with the nearest defender at least four feet away this season. He has connected on 106 of those tries. Curry is shooting 49.1 percent when he has plenty of space to fire away.

Those attempts should only increase. Coach Rick Carlisle and his coaching staff will scheme to get Seth Curry open catch and shoot threes. It would not be surprising to see his 3-point percentage continue to climb over the length of his deal in Dallas. That could push him ahead of Steve Kerr for the best 3-point percentage in NBA history.

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Seth Curry may not go down as the greatest long-distance shooter ever, but he certainly deserves consideration. He is an outstanding marksman and should only improve.