Why do the Mavericks keep being on the wrong end of calls?

Tyler Watts
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Dallas Mavericks Rick Carlisle (Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images) /
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Closing thoughts

Fans will notice I only selected games the Dallas Mavericks lost where the Last Two Minute Report was available. There were multiple contests where the league determined all the calls were correct during the final sequence.

The Mavericks and their fans are frustrated because the game in Atlanta was the fourth time this season that the critical calls have gone against them. There is no reasoning. It is not a conspiracy or a fix. The referees just missed calls that happened to help decide the outcome of those contests.

Cuban’s rant was directed at officiating as a whole, not just Saturday’s game. The Mavs owner makes the case that they need to be better. He is spot on. They use the replay center and still do not follow the rulebook. That is an issue and one that could be easily addressed.

Ultimately, the Mavericks lost the game in Atlanta. If Tim Hardaway Jr. makes his two free throws and one of his final three field goal attempts, it would have been a different contest. The calls might not always go their way or be correct, but the officials cannot take away made baskets.

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It is frustrating. The Mavs have no control over the officiating, though. The focus needs to be on execution and effort down the stretch. They could still get homecourt in the first round. The Mavericks need to continue to win games and get healthy. Stay tuned for what should be a fun wrap up to the season.