Dallas Mavericks roundtable: How will the Mavs do this season?

Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Luka Doncic Dallas Mavericks (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Mavs Sixth Man of the Year

Jalen Brunson

“There’s nothing Jalen Brunson doesn’t do well. He can shoot, facilitate, and doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being a stingy defender. Brunson’s basketball IQ is among the best on the team, as he has experience playing in huge games in college. The Mavs did not get enough attention for taking Brunson, who might be one of the best players from his draft.” –Evan Siegel

“If you had asked me any season but this one, I would’ve easily said J.J. Barea hands down. Now, Barea may not be getting any minutes at all because of who I believe is the Mavs sixth man of the year: Jalen Brunson. Seth Curry has a chance to compete for that same spot, but I think Brunson has the best chance considering how well he did last year. Barea was out for the rest of the year in late January, and Brunson averaged 12 points per game in that time. Now, he has the chance to backup Luka and Delon Wright and prove he has the worth of overtaking the legendary sixth man Barea.” –Arsal Hussain

“I wanted to stir the pot and say Tim Hardaway Jr., but I will avoid that avenue for the time being. The best answer is Jalen Brunson. I fell in love with the Villanova product last year, and this pre-season has done the same for me. Brunson will be the best player off the bench, and I will continue to voice my opinion which is that Brunson would be a quality starter. He is poised at that position on both ends of the court. He can score in the paint, distribute the ball well, and his shot is seemingly improving. IT would be hard to change my mind on choosing a better potential sixth man for Dallas.” –Josh Gamel

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Seth Curry

“The last time Seth Curry was in Dallas, he had the best season of his career. This time around he’ll have the benefits of a more well-defined role, a familiarity with Carlisle and his offense, and Luka Doncic to create open looks for him. Seth Curry is one of the best shooters in the NBA and Doncic is one of the best at creating wide open shots for shooters. Curry will feast on open corner 3s and will once again have the best season of his career in Dallas.” –Sean Bush

“Curry was brought in to hit the three, and with Coach Carlisle’s comments about this team shooting more 3’s, this bodes well for Curry. He had his breakout year with Dallas a few seasons back, and he will pick up right where he left off.” –Charles Allen

Maxi Kleber

“Honestly, I can’t imagine this not being Maxi Kleber. Maxi is destined to be one of the first off the bench for the Mavs every night and he brings everything you would want from a sixth man. He is a great defender, solid rebounder, extremely energetic and can even score when needed. This Swiss Army Knife was actually made in Germany.” –Kohl Rast