Dallas Mavericks: Boban Marjanovic proving his worth already

Dallas Mavericks Boban Marjanovic (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Boban Marjanovic (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Dallas Mavericks center Boban Marjanovic continues to draw praise from everyone about his personality and play. Read more about the new Mav here.

The Dallas Mavericks signed Boban Marjanovic to a two-year $7 million contract this offseason. The veteran big man is officially one of the tallest players in the NBA at over 7’3. He is an effective scorer and rim protector in limited minutes.

Boban is so much more than that, though. He was a bit late getting to Dallas this summer because he was playing for his native Serbia in the World Cup. From the moment he arrived there have been nothing but positive things said about Marjanovic. Let us take a closer look at one of the newest Mavs.

Coach Carlisle on Media Day

Rick Carlisle made a point to talk about Boban during his press conference. Fans can listen to his comments below.

Marjanovic is a larger than life personality. Thinking of Coach Carlisle watching Bobi and Tobi on YouTube made me chuckle. Fans should expect to see plenty of his lovable personality this season.

KP after Thursday’s practice

Kristaps Porzingis met with the media after practice on Oct. 3. He was asked about his impression of Boban so far, and the Mavs star shared plenty of praise of him both on and off the court. Supporters can listen below.

It will be interesting to see if Coach Carlisle uses Boban and KP on the court together. In the right matchup, it could be a deadly combo. Marjanovic is a problem in the paint. Porzingis could do some help-side rim-protecting and his shooting ability allows it to work on the offensive end. It will not happen much, but it is a plausible big man duo for Carlisle to run this season.


Fans can listen to Boban Marjanovic’s Media Day press conference here. He shows off his humor and personality a bit.

Marjanovic is underrated on the basketball court. He is also incredibly funny. It is not surprising Bobi and Tobi was a hit or that the big man starred in a movie. His personality is outstanding.

He will be an important part of the Dallas Mavericks this season. Boban will keep things light and bring humor over the long season. It will be a fun ride. Expect Marjanovic to contribute plenty on the court too.

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