Dallas Mavericks: Dirk Nowitzki living his best life post-retirement

Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki (Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images) /

Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki is enjoying all the fun things he wasn’t able to do while playing in the NBA. Here is a look at what Dirk is doing.

Dallas Mavericks GOAT Dirk Nowitzki is officially retired. He called it quits in April and is now taking the time to indulge in all the things he missed out on his illustrious 21-year career. The all-time great has been able to enjoy little things like spending time with his family and eating unhealthy foods.

Dirk has been eating plenty of pizza and ice cream. He claims that he’s gained about 15 pounds since retiring. While the binge eating isn’t permanent, he’s definitely enjoying all the fantastic food.

During his 21 season tenure, Nowitzki was on a strict diet.

He’s also able to spend time going to soccer games and baseball games. Dirk kicked a goal against FC Dallas’ mascot which fans can see below courtesy of the Mavs official Twitter.


Nowitzki also threw out the ceremonial opening pitch at a Ranger’s game on June 5. Here is a clip of the toss.


LLet’s not also forget his All-Star celebrity charity baseball game where former Maverick greats like Steve Nash, Michael Finley and a number of other celebrities have some fun for a good cause. Supporters can see a video of the press conference below.


Besides all the food Dirk Nowitzki has eaten and weight he’s gained, the legend has been able to spend time traveling with his wife and child. He wasn’t able to do that considering how he had a busy schedule with games, media obligations, charity events, etc.

Dirk is definitely living his best life, and he deserves it all for everything he’s done for the city of Dallas. Nowitzki brought this city it’s first NBA Championship when the Mavs defeated the Miami Heat in 2011. It a redemption from the 2006 NBA Finals. He stayed loyal to one team, the Dallas Mavericks, and he left us countless memories.

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Hopefully we’ll see Dirk Nowitzki in some other form with the Dallas Mavericks organization, and let’s not forget he’s due to have his own street named after him as well. Enjoy retirement, Dirk.