Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shares his thoughts on officiating

Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images) /

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on the officiating during the Warriors vs. Rockets playoff showdown.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bought the team in 2000. The Mavs became a franchise in 1980. They only made the postseason six teams before Cuban purchased the organization. Since 2000, the Mavericks have 15 playoff appearances and won the championship in 2011.

None of that should be surprising because Mark Cuban is successful at everything he does. The 60-year-old billionaire is an important part of the NBA.

Warriors vs. Rockets controversy

The most anticipated series of the playoffs started on Sunday afternoon. The two-time defending champion Golden State Warriors are facing the Houston Rockets. The Rockets nearly pulled the upset last season including holding the three games to two series lead over the Warriors. Golden State ultimately prevailed in seven games.

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The defending champs took game one 104-100 on April 28. Houston was upset with the officiating in the contest.

Rockets point guard Chris Paul was ejected for receiving two technical fouls. He earned one for arguing with the official about a no foul call.

Houston believed the Warriors were crowding the space under the shooter. It happened several times to James Harden. Harden and Coach Mike D’Antoni had strong words in their postgame press conferences about the officiating.

Cuban weighs-in

Mavs owner Mark Cuban took to Twitter to share his takes on the officiating. His Tweets are below.

My take

Harden was trying to draw foul calls by putting his legs out to create contact. It is a wise move by Harden under the current rules. He should attempt to get to the line every time. Harden is a career 85.7 percent free throw shooter and shot 87.9 percent this season. He is almost automatic from the charity stripe.

There were a few missed calls by the referees and a couple where Harden tried to sell them on a foul.

Fans should make their own judgments on the officiating and take a look at the two-minute report when it is released on Monday.

Final thoughts

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban shared his thoughts on the officiating during game one between the Warriors and the Rockets. It will be interesting to see how all the talk impacts the rest of the series. Expect to hear plenty more about this hot topic in the coming days.

The Mavericks are gearing up for an exciting offseason as well. They have cap space to spend and are expecting to be active in acquiring a third piece to add to their building blocks of Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. The draft lottery also decides if the Mavs keep their pick or have to send it to Atlanta as part of the Doncic trade.

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The Smoking Cuban will have it all covered this offseason, so continue checking out the site regularly for all the latest.