Dallas Mavericks: Luka Doncic unable to get “The Matador” nickname

The Dallas Mavericks were unable to get the trademark on Luka Doncic‘s Real Madrid nickname, The Matador. It is unclear if the team will pursue another nickname option for merchandising opportunities.

Luka Doncic made a big splash in his rookie campaign with the Dallas Mavericks, proving to be one of the most NBA ready rookies the league has seen in a long time. As with all future superstars, Luka needs to have a nickname that people will always remember. MJ, King James, Wilt the Stilt, the Round Mound of Rebound, Larry Legend, Magic. What will Luka’s nickname be going forward?

Well the one thing we know for sure is that “The Matador” likely will not stick. News surfaced recently that the Dallas Mavericks attempt at trademarking the nickname for Luka was unsuccessful.

If Luka is no longer going to be The Matador for the Mavs, what other nicknames should the team consider? To start off, I never liked the Matador nickname. I understood it when he was with Real Madrid, but it didn’t make any sense here when he gets a chance to kind of re-brand.

Here are three nicknames that we should consider.


My personal choice for the youngster from Slovenia. Although a lot of guys do have nicknames that they are commonly referred to, many of the greatest players are known by their unique first names. Dirk, LeBron, Kobe, Giannis, Wilt, Kareem, etc. have all had their own individual nicknames, but are more commonly known by their birth name.

Luka is such a fun, unique name (in the US) and I think it will stick as his permanent nickname with the growth we expect to see from him.

Cool Hand Luka

This is a fun nickname that is kind of a mouthful but has a nice reference to a commonly known movie title. With some of the amazing moves we have seen from Luka this year, Cool Hand is a pretty good description of what he can do on the court.

I especially like this one because it is not too much of a stretch. A lot of failed nicknames stem from people trying too hard, but this one makes perfect sense and is fun to say. Cool Hand Luka is a definite possibility for Luka’s new nickname.


Wonderboy has been thrown around a lot for the Mavs rookie and, although it is fitting, I don’t think it should be Luka’s go-to nickname. For one, a nickname should be timeless, and despite the fact that it is a sad truth of life, Luka will in fact grow up and be a veteran in the league in the near future.

It is a nice nickname right now as he is a young player who has done things that very few other youngsters have done in the NBA. That said, it has to be understood that this nickname can’t be permanent.

Whether Luka Doncic has a great nickname or not, the kid has got game and we are lucky enough to get to see him play here in Dallas. Look forward to another great year from Luka “no longer the Matador” Doncic.