Dallas Mavericks: What to expect from Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic Kristaps Porzingis Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic Kristaps Porzingis Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Dallas Mavericks
Dallas Mavericks Trey Burke Kristaps Porzingis Copyright 2019 NBAE (Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images) /

What Porgingis bring to the table

ACL injuries are more common in today’s NBA. Although they can scare most NBA teams, they shouldn’t be too concerned because modern medicine and techniques have evolved to ensure a much stronger knee. With Dallas’ medical staff, fans can definitely feel confident that we’re getting the best version of Porzingis, even back to All-Star form.

With his shooting range from anywhere on the court, Kristaps definitely opens the floor for Luka to make Luka Magic. It should also allow others like THJ to find his rhythm. Other players can find their true role since most of them are can shoot a bit. They just need the focus taken off of them.

Besides his scoring threat, fans can also look forward to a great one-two punch when Doncic and Porzingis run the pick and roll/pop. It forces the defense into a pick their poison type of scenario and either way a win-win for the Mavs.

Think of it like the Dirk/Nash duo from the early 2000s where Dirk would roll, Nash would dish and boom two points, or vice versa Nash would take it to the hoop.

Porzingis also brings some much-needed rim protection. He is a veteran that adds experience to the squad. Hopefully working with Dirk will add some more tools to his arsenal. That could allow the relationship between Doncic and Porzingis to blossom into the Dirk/Nash type that fans remember.

Luka and Unicorn Magic

If Dallas Mavericks fans can predict anything it’s that Luka Doncic has room to improve even after a so-far stellar rookie season. Luka’s shooting will take an uptick. He will minimize his turnovers. Doncic’s passing efficiency will improve and he will gain more confidence. Luka will continue to draw respect and admiration from fans, players and teammates.

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When Doncic steps on the court next season with Porzingis, expect them to cause much trouble. Other players on the roster will improve thanks to the two foundational pieces that have been brought here. Expect packed games next season, and fans can be sure that it will be something the entire NBA can look get excited to witness.