Dallas Mavericks: Luka Doncic nails wild half-court buzzer beater vs. Nets

Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Luka Doncic (Photo by Matteo Marchi/Getty Images) /

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic struggled on March 4 against the Brooklyn Nets, but that did not stop him from nailing an insane buzzer beater.

Dallas Mavericks rookie Luka Doncic continues to build on his performances. Starting in December, Luka has increased his scoring, rebounds, and assists per game each month. He is already proving to be one of the top players in the NBA.

The Mavs are struggling in March. The team is only two games in, but neither has gone as planned. Memphis beat them by 30 on Saturday night. Then, the Mavericks traveled to Brooklyn to battle the Nets on Monday evening. They were again blown out this time by a score of 127-88.

Luka struggled against the Nets as well. He was six of 16 shooting from the field and had just one assist on the night. Doncic only played 29 minutes as the Mavericks were handled. It did not stop the 20-year-old from providing fans a must-see play, though.

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Dallas was trailing by 21 points as time wound down in the second quarter. With just seconds left on the clock, Luka launched a shot from beyond half court. Fans can guess what happened next, but enjoy it here courtesy of the Mavs official Twitter.

Luka Doncic is what makes every Dallas Mavericks game must watch. The team could lose by 40, but Luka would provide fans something to marvel at for the rest of the night. His abilities to shoot and pass are outstanding. Luka’s playmaking and flair make him one of the most exciting players in the league as a rookie, though.

Final thoughts

Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic nailed a half-court buzzer beater that fans can’t miss on Monday evening against the Brooklyn Nets. It was a night to forget for the Mavericks, but Luka provided his usual magic.

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The Mavs only have 19 games remaining this season. Fans are still hoping to see Doncic push himself to average over 25 points per game as the season winds down. They also want to see him leading the team to a few victories. The Mavericks have struggled since the trade deadline, but the future is bright in Dallas.