Dallas Mavericks: The season is finally here

Dallas Mavericks Copyright 2012 NBAE (Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Copyright 2012 NBAE (Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images) /

The Dallas Mavericks season is here after what seemed like the longest summer in history. A poem seems fitting to show my excitement.

The team is all here, they’re ready to play.
The Dallas Mavericks will play you, either home or away.
The Suns just don’t know what we’ve got in store,
Luka, Dennis, DJ, and so much more.

With new players acquired and old ones re-signed,
Give it just a few weeks before Cuban is fined.
The Mavs new look is exciting and fun.
You can bet on plenty of run-and-gun.

Luka is ready to win Rookie of the Year,
The fans and the players will give him a cheer.
Dennis Smith will go up and may never come down,
He’s the rightful owner of the dunk contest crown.

DJ will likely get booed in game one.
That’s okay. You’ll love him once he’s done.
Barnes is quiet, consistent and strong.
People are giving up on him. They’re wrong.

Dirk is still Dirk, in Dallas, a king.
The GOAT, the legend, who won them a ring.
Wes will hit threes, his signature skill.
With just one good leg, he’s driven by will.

J.J. will always be loved by the fans,
A player with swagger, Rick’s righthand man.
Devin is back, Denver is behind him.
Back in the AAC, he’s hitting the gym.

Powell is ready to catch and finish with power.
He will live above the rim, hour after hour.
Dodo is ready to prove his might.
Preferably on the floor, and not in Fortnite.

Maximillian Kleber, the little German that could.
Hoping once again that this season is good.
Salah Mejri is here, or maybe it’s the Mej.
Either way, he’s pushing Coach close to the edge.

Jalen Brunson, NCAA Player of the Year,
Starting a new chapter, his NBA career.
Ryan Broekhoff, aka the automatic Aussie.
Is ready to find his spot with the Mavs posse.

Spalding, a well known basketball name,
Will try to distinguish himself in game.
Kostas Antetokounmpo, the Assassin from Athens.
I will make this nickname stick, no matter what happens.

Yes, it’s true, the season is here.
The fans are ready to yell and to cheer.
The team is aware that winning is key,
It’ll happen a lot this year. Just wait and see.

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The Dallas Mavericks will open their 2018-19 season against the Phoenix Suns tonight at 9:30pm central time.