Dallas Mavericks: 3 challenges facing Coach Rick Carlisle this season

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Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Mavericks Rick Carlisle (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Despite the new additions, Coach Rick Carlisle won’t be short of challenges going into the new Dallas Mavericks era. These are three scenarios he will deal with this season.

Summer is usually a time for laughs and light-hearted moods. In the NBA, the summer is a metaphor for second chances and new beginnings.

The NBA draft blesses the misfortunate franchises with an opportunity to obtain players, with no fear of getting outbid.

NBA free agency, the sexier, and frankly more popular, NBA free agency period is the last line of defense with team building.

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Up until the last few seasons, the Dallas Mavericks brain trust put forth the majority of their focus on free agency, with little to no success. Annually forcing Rick Carlisle to pick up the pieces after the legendary 2011 season.

Only the artist who created the system can stop the loop. Mark Cuban saw the insanity created by his “big fish” aspirations. Thus, the rebuild began in 2016, whether it was official or not.

The stereotype of Carlisle not getting along with rookies was ripped to shreds the moment he gave the keys to Dennis Smith Jr. with no hesitation. The difference being that past rookies Carlisle inherited weren’t worthy of such privileges.

In one summer, Dallas acquired NBA Twitter’s favorite rookie Luka Doncic and one of the top three centers on the market DeAndre Jordan.

Summertime is finally living up to its positive reputation in Dallas.

The honeymoon is coming to an end with the NBA season six weeks from its glorious return. These are three scenarios Coach Carlisle will deal with this season.

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