Dallas Mavericks: Former Mavs Nash and Kidd chose HOF presenters

Dallas Mavericks Steve Nash Jason Kidd Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Steve Nash Jason Kidd Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Former Dallas Mavericks point guards Steve Nash and Jason Kidd chose their Hall of Fame presenters for the Sept. 8 ceremony.

The Dallas Mavericks have two of their former point guard being inducted into the Hall of Fame this year.  Steve Nash and Jason Kidd are two of 13 members going into the hall in 2018.  They are joined by Grant Hill, Ray Allen and others.

Having two former players make the hall in any year is unique even if neither player was a lifetime or legacy player with your franchise.  Congrats to Nash and Kidd for earning this tremendous honor.

The two men chose their presenters on Aug. 22.  Below is a Tweet from Dwain Price detailing who the two stellar point guards decided on.

Nash is keeping the Mavericks tradition going by choosing former coach Don Nelson.  Nelson is also the father of Donnie Nelson, the Mavs current GM and President of Basketball Operations.  Don Nelson was Nash’s coach during his stint in Dallas.

Kidd choosing fellow Hall of Fame point guard Gary Payton will also be a treat to watch on induction day.

Let us now take a look at both men’s time with the Dallas Mavericks organization.

Nash’s time in Dallas

Steve Nash came to the Mavs in 1998 via trade.  He had played two seasons with the Suns before heading to Dallas.  The Mavericks traded three players and a first-round pick to acquire Nash that offseason.

Nash played the next six seasons in a Mavs uniform.  He was their starting point guard most of that time.  Nash began to blossom from a role player to a big-time scorer and playmaker during those years.  He made his first two All-Star teams and was one of the top point guards in the league by the time he decided to move on.

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Nash signed with the Suns as a free agent in the 2004 offseason.

Steve Nash may go into the hall as a Maverick.  It will be a difficult choice between them and the Suns for his Hall of Fame plaque.

Kidd for the Mavs

Jason Kidd did two tours with the Dallas Mavericks.  The Mavs drafted him in 1994 with the second overall pick.  J-Kidd was an All-Star in his second season in the NBA.  Kidd played two and half seasons with Dallas before being traded in Dec. 1996 in a blockbuster deal.

J-Kidd was traded back to Dallas in 2008 in another monster deal.  He was an All-Star twice in his four and a half year run with the Mavs this time.  Kidd was 34 years old when the trade happened, but still started every game he played in during that stretch.  He also helped lead the Mavericks to the NBA Championship in 2011.

Final thoughts

Two former Dallas Mavericks point guards are set for induction into the Hall of Fame in 2018.  The ceremony takes place on Sept. 8.  Steve Nash and Jason Kidd recently announced their presenters for the evening.  It should be a fun night for Mavs fans, so tune in and enjoy the show.

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