Dennis Smith Jr., Nerlens Noel Mentioned in Latest Yahoo NCAA Report

RALEIGH, NC - FEBRUARY 01: Dennis Smith Jr.
RALEIGH, NC - FEBRUARY 01: Dennis Smith Jr. /

With the latest Yahoo report on the NCAA hitting the press, Dennis Smith Jr. and Nerlens Noel of the Dallas Mavericks are mentioned in the report.

For the crowd who actually cares about collegiate players getting paid in college, the latest Yahoo report on the NCAA includes a plethora of current NBA players.

The allegations come after the investigation into ASM Sports, an agency headlined by former prominent NBA agent Andy Miller and his assistant Christian Dawkins.

Two of the NBA players mentioned were Dennis Smith Jr. and Nerlens Noel.

The documents listed in the Yahoo report list out benefits in dollar amounts handed to players with some players having more detail than some. Dennis Smith Jr. had one of the largest loan amounts on the list totaling $73,500.

“Dennis Smith, who would go on to play at North Carolina State in 2016-17, received $43,500 according to the documents. Another document headed “Pina,” for ASM agent Stephen Pina, says Smith received a total of $73,500 in loans, and includes notes about “options to recoup the money” when Smith did not sign with ASM,” the Yahoo report states.

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Later on in the report, it had a few notes on the Smith Jr. loan that read “2017 Draft. Not signing. Some options to recoup the money through FA.”

In the master list of players that received money, Nerlens Noel’s name was mentioned at the bottom of the report for a total of $4,350.

Other notable current NBA players on the list includes Kyle Kuzma, Edrice Adebayo, Markelle Fultz, Malcolm Brogdon, Josh Jackson and others.

In addition to current NBA players, current NCAA players such as Miles Bridges, Collin Sexton, Wendall Carter, Kevin Knox and others were mentioned.

Seriously though, it is time to start paying these kids.

You can see the whole Yahoo report and story HERE.

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The amount of money the NCAA and programs are making off these kids is ridiculous when you think about a player getting in trouble for having their meal paid for. It is time for change in the NCAA.