Should the Dallas Mavericks Chase Aaron Gordon at the Deadline?

ORLANDO, FL - JANUARY 16: Aaron Gordon
ORLANDO, FL - JANUARY 16: Aaron Gordon /

If Aaron Gordon is being shopped before the deadline, should the Dallas Mavericks pursue a deal for the young big man?

The NBA Trade Deadline is less than a week away and the Dallas Mavericks have some decisions to make in regards to their roster.

They have the draft picks, expiring veterans and cap space, but will they put together a package to help gain assets for the future? That is the question.

Talks around Wesley Matthews have been open and their cap space could be coveted when it gets closer to the deadline. Something that hasn’t been brought up too much around the team is the desire to give up assets to attain a young player for the future.

Recently, Michael Scotto of The Athletic, reported that the Orlando Magic could be open to dealing Aaron Gordon prior to the deadline before he hits restricted free agency.

Should Dallas make a call?

Gordon was the 4th pick in the 2014 NBA Draft just over three years ago. The high-flying, 6’10” big man out of Arizona impressed people with his athleticism out of college, but took some time to develop once he hit the league.

In his rookie season, Gordon appeared in 48 games but fractured his foot in November of that season. He finished the season averaging just five points and three rebounds a game while starting in just eight games.

Gordon would play in 78 games during his second season but would only average nine points and four rebounds a game. Some of this was to blame on the coaching staff playing him out of position at the three.

Over the past two seasons, Gordon has slowly gained momentum on becoming the player some thought he would be. Moving back to his power forward spot this season, Gordon has played in 39 games where he is averaging 18 points and eight rebounds a game while shooting 34% from behind the arc.

Prior to this season, Gordon had never shot above 29% from three in a season.

Now, the 22-year-old is set to his restricted free agency where the market could be interesting for him. The assumption was the struggling Magic would most likely max him out this coming summer, but if they are hesitant, then exploring his value before the deadline could be a route they take.

Theoretically, his fit in Dallas would be a great fit as it still wouldn’t handicap the Mavericks come draft time. Prospects like Ayton, Bagley and Bamba would fit alongside of him in the front court while guys like Doncic and Porter Jr. could play alongside of him on the wing. Would Dallas explore playing him at center?

IF Dallas was keen on the idea of pursuing him at the deadline, I’m not sure if they have the package to make it work.

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If I’m Orlando, I am seeking three things if I am trading my best young piece in Gordon: at least one first round pick, cap space and a young piece in return. Basically, someone is taking on the remaining $51 million of Evan Fournier or $34 million of Bismack Biyombo if they are getting Gordon’s $5.5 million this season.

Assuming Harrison Barnes, Dennis Smith Jr. and the 2018 first round pick is off the table. I’m not sure if Dallas has what it would take to get Gordon.

The best possible scenario would be a deal centered around Yogi Ferrell, the expiring contract of McRoberts and Harris and probably an unprotected first round pick after 2018. Then Dallas would absorb Biyombo’s deal in addition to receiving Gordon.

In my opinion, Orlando could get more from a team willing to give up a player or two that would be able to log minutes now and be a part of their future. Ferrell is a nice young player, but even he is set to hit restricted free agency this summer.

If Orlando is only looking for future cap space and draft picks, then Dallas could have a shot. But you have to assume Orlando would want at least one young piece for the future in the deal also.

Also, I am not sold on Aaron Gordon as a max player in this league either. For the price he will likely command this summer, I’m uneasy about handing him a massive contract in July.

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So should Dallas pursue Aaron Gordon at the deadline? In my opinion, no.