The NBA Midseason Rankings- Point Guards

PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 22: Stephen Curry
PORTLAND, OR - APRIL 22: Stephen Curry /
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The NBA season has finally hit the midway point for every team and there has been a lot of exciting play and stellar performances throughout. The point guard position is one of significant importance for a majority of the teams in the NBA. So where do all the starting point guards rank so far?

Halfway through the season, the NBA point guards continue to make their case on being possibly the most stacked position in basketball. With multiple point guards having won the MVP award over the past few years, the point guards is becoming maybe the most important position in the NBA.

The NBA really is full of excellent point guards. Some of them focus on scoring, others are better distributors, and some are just all around incredible. Many teams have focused on bringing a star point guard to their franchise and the level of competition has slowly built up year after year.

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While ranking the starting point guards, I had to take a few different criteria into consideration. Firstly, I had to determine what criteria to base my rankings off of. Rather than going completely stat based, completely opinion based, or completely performance based, I decided to chose my team based on a mix of the three.

Stats made their way into play, team performance and individual performances played a part, and my own personal observations made some of the tough to decide rankings. In essence, these are my own personal rankings with some statistical backing to it. There will always be a touch of bias but for the most part I feel these aren’t terribly egregious rankings.

It is very difficult to gauge how good certain players are who have not played in a lot of games this season as well. In this case, I had to take out players who have not played in at least 20 games so far this season. Only the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers do not have an eligible point guard for the list.

Now, without further ado, here is the list from bottom to top.