The Door to Stardom Has Never Been More Open for Seth Curry

Dallas Mavericks Seth Curry (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Mavericks Seth Curry (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

If ever there was a good time for Seth Curry to really shine, it is right now, when the Dallas Mavericks need him the most. Will he play his way into a big contract, or fall short upon his return?

The Dallas Mavericks may have started this season on the wrong foot, but things could turn around any day as Rick Carlisle continues to look for the right rotation. The right rotation, however, will be significantly easier to find when Seth Curry is back in it. Curry was a bit of a sight for sore eyes last season as he found his shooting stroke and became an important key to the Mavs offense.

This season looks to be no different as Curry will be a key part of the offense the minute he steps on the court. His long range shooting, coupled with his ability to get to the basket, will make him a very important co-pilot to Dennis Smith’s attack-first offense.

This season is a bit of a win-win for the Mavs as a playoff berth or a lottery pick would both be beneficial to the current make up of the team. That said, this season is very important for Seth Curry, who is in a contract year and wants to start earning the money he deserves. The Mavs are very fond of him and would like to get him back for the future, but this season will help determine his price.

For a player who played basketball at Duke and is the younger brother of a two-time NBA MVP, You would assume people would already be prepared to jump all over an opportunity to bring in the sharpshooter. To this point, no one has bitten on that prospect, but after last season, Curry is primed to make a bigger name for himself after this season.

Despite not playing yet this season, last year was a good start towards the new contract for Curry.

There’s no doubt that Curry would love to see the Mavs turn things around. The MFFLs are a proud fanbase who are not used to this early season slump that is currently going on and any solution will be welcomed with open arms. If Curry can create that spark, people are going to be calling for his return, and Carlisle/Cuban will probably meet that request.

If Curry has a successful season, he would be due to earn a big jump in pay. If he were able to play worthy of a max deal, the Mavs would be able to sign him to a 5-year deal worth 25% of the Mavs cap space. It remains a little bit doubtful that he will claim that kind of money, but only time will tell how Curry does this season.

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Curry is still not back from injury as the Mavs have decided to really slow play the stress-reaction in his leg, a very tough injury to put a timetable on. Regardless of how long it takes him to get back, we expect to see Seth make a difference for the Mavs this season, which in turn will help both parties going into the upcoming offseason.