Could the Dallas Mavericks Help Philly’s Playoff Push?

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 7: Wesley Matthews
WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 7: Wesley Matthews /

With the Philadelphia 76ers maturing before everyone’s eyes, could they look to Dallas for some veterans to push them forward this year?

The Dallas Mavericks are coming off an impressive win in Washington against the Wizards, but are still just 2-10 on the season with the worst record in the NBA.

If Dallas continues down this route with their tough November schedule, the Mavs could entertain selling off some of their veterans to some teams looking to make a playoff push.

In the East, teams like Cleveland and Milwaukee are struggling while teams like the Magic and Pistons are exceeding expectations. At the moment, Milwaukee is in 12th place with a 4-6 record while the Magic are in 3rd place with a 7-4 record.

One of the teams in the middle out East is the young, Philadelphia team that is tied for fourth place with a 6-4 record.

Led by the presumed Rookie of the Year in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid, the Sixers are riding their young guns to what looks like a wide open playoff race in the East. Is there a team that could help solidify their holes and give them the veteran push for the playoffs?

Enter the Dallas Mavericks.


This would obviously be a push towards being a better team sooner rather than later.

First off, you would be trading out J.J. Redick for Wesley Matthews in the starting lineup. As of this moment in the season, their three-point percentages are Redick at 42% and Matthews at 44%. Even though Redick is a better off-ball player on offense, Matthews would provide a better all-around game.

Defensively, Philly would have a lock down wing defender that could go against the best on any given night.

Financially, Redick is on an expiring contract worth around $23 million this season. Matthews is making $17.8 million this season with a player option for $18.6 million next season. Matthews might be the better all-around player, but they would do the deal expecting Matthews to pick up that option this summer.

Bayless for Powell is basically the next swap as Bayless is due $9 million this season and $8.5 million next season. Powell is due $9 million this season, $9.6 million next season with a player option in 2019-20 for roughly $10 million.

Philly would be taking on an extra year of Powell compared to Bayless, but would also have a serviceable body behind Saric and Embiid up front with Holmes.

Lastly, the role of Bayless would be filled with Devin Harris. Harris could take on the starting point guard role or come off the bench behind McConnell or Fultz. Harris is on a non-guaranteed contract making $4.4 million.

Jahlil Okafor needs a fresh start.

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The Sixers would cut into their cap space next summer and in the 2019-20 season, but would also open up an extra $6-10 million in cap space this season with this deal.


This move would obviously be all about the future and cap space.

Redick is a $23 million cap number that expires at the end of the season. This would be big for Dallas as it would clear up another $18 million in cap space with the departure of Matthews’ player option.

Bayless and Powell both make around $9 million this season and next, but Powell’s contract is one year longer than Bayless’. Plus, Dallas might get more out of Bayless than they currently do with Powell.

Okafor would get his fresh start for the remaining season in Dallas and fill into the Powell role off the bench.

Financially, Dallas would take on about $6 million more in money this year (they have the open cap space to do so), but would save heading into the future. Removing Matthews’ money from the books would allow Dallas to have roughly $60 million in cap space this coming summer if they desired.

*Redick could not be traded until December 15th.

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This is purely speculative, but an example type of deal that could take place if Dallas decided to sell  off pieces at some point this season.