Wesley Matthews a Three First, Then a Two

DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 13: Wesley Matthews
DALLAS, TX - FEBRUARY 13: Wesley Matthews /

Wesley Matthews used to be known as the back court mate to Damian Lillard in Portland. Now, he’s the hard-nosed three in Dallas.

When Matthews came over from Portland a few summers ago, it was under the intention that he would be the starting shooting guard.

Injuries took place and Seth Curry had a career year, suddenly, Matthews found himself adjusting to the small ball shift across the league as Carlisle was throwing him out there as the third guard in three guard lineups.

With Harrison Barnes playing the small ball four, Wesley Matthews looks to be the primary three moving into the season.

“Wes is a two and a three and he’s even played some four in the first few years he has been with us,” Rick Carlisle said after the first day of training camp.

Matthews is now a combo guard in a league that is suddenly starting to embrace players of his caliber. Being a one position player in todays NBA is becoming somewhat extinct.

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When Carlisle was asked how he sees Wes on this Dallas team, Carlisle admits that he sees him more as a three at the moment.

“I see him as a three and a two. At this point, probably more in that order. Time will tell, nothing is totally determined yet,” Carlisle said.

Before Media Day, many assumed the starting unit would consist of Matthews at the two because of Dirk Nowitzki at the four and Nerlens Noel coming back in his ‘prove it’ year at the five. But Rick Carlisle surprised some on Media Day when he announced that Nerlens Noel would be coming off the bench to start the season.

This inevitably pushed Matthews from the two to the three and opens up someone like Seth Curry to take over the starting shooting guard spot.

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Unless two bigs are on the court at the same time, it looks as if Matthews’ days as the primary two guard are a thing of the past.