What Is Dwight Powell’s Future In Dallas?

SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Dwight Powell
SACRAMENTO, CA - APRIL 4: Dwight Powell /

The Dallas Mavericks seem committed to their youth movement of the future with the recent movements this summer. One player that seems like the odd one out may be Dwight Powell. What’s in store for his future, and will he be a Maverick for years to come?

Dwight Powell, 26, is entering the second year of his four-year deal with the Mavericks this coming season. Questions continue to loom around Powell and his future with the organization by fans and commentators alike.

He has not been the productive bench player that the Mavericks had hoped when they inked him to his 4-yr/$37M deal. Powell has continuously shown us glimpses of his talent on the offensive end as an athletic big man who can catch lobs and hit the occasional jump shot.

However, Powell continues to struggle in finding his shot, and from a player that looked like a bright spot in our youth movement that was beginning to start towards the end of last season, Dwight never really produced.

According to ESPN stats, Powell averaged 6.7 PPG, 4.0 RPG, and 0.5 BLKPG in a little over 17 minutes per game. His field goal percentage was decent at 51%, however, Powell only shot 28% from behind the arc.

DENVER, CO – MARCH 28: Dirk Nowitzki
DENVER, CO – MARCH 28: Dirk Nowitzki /

Stats indicate that Powell struggled to improve his floor stretching ability and ultimately created an issue when he was slotted at the 4 position next to another big on the floor who could not space at all.

If we look at the way the NBA is moving forward, players at the front court positions are expected to space the floor or at least have the ability. We have seen that with players like Porzingis and Anthony Davis, shooting the three and expanding there range.

It is hard to imagine that the deal he signed was worth his production he puts forward on a nightly basis. Now, I don’t want to completely denounce Powell as a bad player, because he is not.

Dwight Powell has been a vocal player in the youth movement and was seen as a locker room guy to most. If we all look back to the beginning of the year we saw how a young Justin Anderson and Dwight Powell were conducting special team handshakes before games which got each of us excited.

Powell has been able to become a reliable filler at the PF position, and has played above average defense. As mentioned, he lacks the ability to space the floor when slotted at the 4. We saw Powell towards the end of the season attempt more 3-point shots also but, he still lacks the ability to remain consistent.

Dallas Mavericks

His biggest test this coming season will be to prove himself as a consistent offensive rotation player on the team. Dirk will be entering again this season as the starter and will most likely be playing limited minutes throughout the year in order to maintain his health.

It will be a test for Powell to battle hard and remain consistent if he would like to increase his minutes throughout the year.

Dirk is not getting any younger and expecting him to be playing big time minutes is not feasible. Dallas will want to limit his minutes to keep him healthy and efficient.

Time will tell if Dwight will remain a Maverick or if he will be shipped out in a trade this season in order to clear cap room for potential targets that the Mavs want.

Dwight Powell Verdict:

I just can not see Powell developing into the rotation player that the Maverick’s thought they were getting when they inked him to his 4-year deal. With the recent signing of undrafted rookie Johnathan Motley in this off-season, it remains to be seen if Powell will be able to deliver on his need to be consistent.

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While Powell is only 26 years old, his future in Dallas seem’s unsure. I would hope that he can prove me wrong this upcoming season, but for now I just can not see it.