NBA Free Agency: Should the Mavericks Show Interest in Jamal Crawford?

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - APRIL 28: Jamal Crawford
SALT LAKE CITY, UT - APRIL 28: Jamal Crawford /

The Atlanta Hawka have reportedly been working on a buyout for former 6th Man of the Year, Jamal Crawford. Should the Dallas Mavericks be interested in the instant offense of Crawford? And would it even matter if they were?

No matter how bad the Dallas Mavericks may want to keep adding to their young core, it’s hard to overlook the endless talent that is still available in free agency. Each day seems to be a new rumor and each night ends with a new great player on a new team. That is the reality that is NBA Free Agency.

One of the big stories yesterday was the Atlanta Hawks intent to buy out newly acquired guard, Jamal Crawford’s contract, making him a free agent. The teams said to be most interested/teams Crawford was most interested in joining, were the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Minnesota Timberwolves. Of course, the way the Mavs summer has gone, we would not be very high on the teams to report about. 

So clearly Dallas is not a front runner for Crawford, but should they at least be giving him a call? His offense is pretty much impossible to argue with even still at 37 years old and there’s no one that is going to be offering him more than a 2 year deal. So why not make the call?

Crawford would do well with the Mavericks because he would control the game and have free reign as the first man off the bench and the best scorer available, maybe even for the full team. We may not be headed for the title, but the team is getting better and could use a veteran influence like J-Crossover.

Obviously this is a complete shot in the dark and there is almost no way that Jamal Crawford wants to play in Dallas for the tail end of his career. Crawford will be seeking for a ring and will take the pay cut and whatever else is necessary to get that. His role may be bigger in Dallas but it will be more meaningful if he ends up somewhere like Cleveland.

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The Mavs are not going to engage in any talks with Jamal Crawford, and if they do, they will be short-lived and unfulfilling. But hey, it’s not such a bad thing to dream, right?