Dallas Mavericks: JaMychal Green Should Be a Free Agent Target

MEMPHIS, TN - APRIL 22: JaMychal Green
MEMPHIS, TN - APRIL 22: JaMychal Green /

The Dallas Mavericks roster is nearly filled out and doesn’t need much change, but they should look to shore up the back-up PF rotation with restricted free-agent JaMychal Green.

The Dallas Mavericks have had an abnormally quiet offseason thus far, with the addition of draft pick Dennis Smith Jr. being the only roster move being made. Both Dirk Nowitzki and Nerlens Noel are free agents, but no one expects them to be going anywhere. While most teams, especially in the Western Conference, have made a flurry of moves to try and keep up with the powerhouse conference, the Mavs have seemed content with their team as is.

However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t some improvements to be made. One area in particular that needs some bolstering is the forwards rotation. The forwards that are currently on the roster are Harrison Barnes, Dorian Finney-Smith, Nico Brussino, Dirk, and Dwight Powell. Dirk plays some center as well as Dwight Powell, and Rick Carlisle moves HB between both forwards spots interchangeably.

Nico Brussino is not ready for big minutes yet and, lets just say Powell’s production doesn’t match his paycheck. If Mark Cuban and the Mavs front office wanted to make a move in free agency, then adding a young and talented player for a moderate price to fill in behind Nowitzki wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. Enter Memphis Grizzlies restricted free agent JaMychal Green.

JaMychal Green averaged 8.9 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 1 assists per game last season while hitting the deep ball at a rate of 38%. He is a fantastic athlete and a versatile player who can slide up to the SF position when needed as he is fleet of foot enough to defend on the perimeter, but is more of a natural PF.

At 6’9″ and 227 lbs., Green can bang with the bigs and crash the glass while stretching out the defense with his shooting ability. Add in some craftiness in the low post, and Green is a good all-around player who can contribute off the bench while continuing to grow his game. He also fits in with the Mavs youth movement well enough, as he turned 27 less than a month ago, and is rumored to not be a priority for the Grizzlies.

Speculating the free-agent market is always difficult, but estimates for a deal that could entice Green while being a rich enough contract that Memphis wouldn’t want to match could be in the $10mil-15mil range. While it may be flirting with the line, thats right in the Mavs’ ball park cap space-wise. I’m no expert on the ins and outs of NBA cap details, but I am fairly sure the Mavs could bring in Green while remaining under the cap.

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This is just one of the many options Dallas could go for in the remaining days of free-agency, but I think Green would be a stellar fit with the Mavericks at a fairly good price.