The Theories of What Exactly Happened to Seth Curry

Feb 4, 2017; Sacramento, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) during the second quarter against the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports
Feb 4, 2017; Sacramento, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry (30) during the second quarter against the Sacramento Kings at Golden 1 Center. Mandatory Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports /

Since the All-Star break, we have seen a takeover by Seth Curry. At the same time, we have seen some uncharacteristic play from his brother, Stephen Curry. So we must ask, did Seth Curry pull off a diabolic plan in New Orleans?

In the past five games, no one predicted that Seth Curry would be putting on the show he is putting on in Dallas. Since the All-Star break, Curry has averaged 23.3 points and shooting 52% from three. Those numbers are insane for Seth Curry. The man has evolved.

The craziest part about this recent development is the declined play from his brother, Stephen Curry. The older brother of Seth and 2-time MVP has seemed to have hit a wall when it comes to his three-point shot. Now, of course, Steph is going to be Steph. He has averaged 26.7 points per game since the All-Star break, but don’t forget Kevin Durant is out.

However, the three-point percentage of Chef Curry has confused NBA fans everywhere. Stephen shoots 43.7% from 3-PT range on his career and has led the league in made threes for the past FIVE SEASONS.



BUT, the king of the deep ball just recently broke the NBA record for most threes attempted in a game without a make. LIKE WHAT? How does that happen? How does Stephen Curry shoot 11 threes and not make a single one? Along with his off night in Philly, Stephen is only shooting 31.4% from three since the All-Star break. I know that 31.4% is still impressive, but, if you take away the first two games before the Philly game, Steph is shooting 19.7%. That is insane.

So, it is now time to talk about my theory of what happened between Steph and Seth over the All-Star Break.

Theory 1: The Headband Heist

If you didn’t notice, Stephen Curry wore a headband during the All-Star game and practices. This move made him look a lot like Seth. Steph received absolutely no love from basketball twitter for the headband stunt, but was it his idea? According to the Headband Heist Theory, Seth Curry convinced Stephen Curry to wear a headband that was actually a device that sucked up Stephen’s basketball skill. 

In this theory, Seth Curry takes a play out of the Space Jam playbook in order to obtain the basketball powers of his brother. For those of you who haven’t seen Space Jam (I pity you), the Nerdlucks are challenged to basketball by Michael Jordan (GOAT) and surprise ‘His Airness’ when they show up with powers they acquired from NBA Stars.

This theory would explain all of the unanswered questions such as:

Who told Stephen that his headband looked sweet?

Why is Steph building a house of bricks every night?

Why is Seth Curry all of a sudden showing no mercy to defenders?


Theory 2: Freaky Friday

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In the critically acclaimed Lindsay Lohan movie, we see a mother and daughter swap bodies as they read the fortune cookies on opposite sides of a door. Did an MFFL conjure up a similar magic while his brother was in New Orleans? It would make sense considering the popularity of voodoo and witchcraft in the Big Easy.

For this theory,  a die-hard Mavericks’ fan was able to have Stephen and Seth read fortune cookies from opposite sides of a door in a Chinese restaurant. The Freaky Friday Theory states that a Mavericks’ fan for life gave Stephen Curry and Seth Curry a fortune cookie to read out loud after bickering at a Chinese restaurant, sealing the future of Dallas basketball. 

Now, there are a number of suspects (heroes) that could have a committed this crime (work of art). The short list includes Mark Cuban, Tyson Chandler, and Roger Staubach.

In conclusion, the moral of this story is that Seth Curry has become a basketball demi-god. No matter how he did it, he did it. That is all that matters. The only thing that matters now is which theory do you subscribe to?

Congratulations, you are now WOKE.

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