One Surprising Dirk Nowitzki Statistic

Of all the accolades that Dirk Nowitzki has racked up in his career, there is one current statistic that might surprise a lot of people.

When you think about the legend that Dirk Nowitzki is, many things come to mind. From his classic one-foot fadeaway to his goof ball personality, Nowitzki is a legend of the game of basketball. His name is across the record books but in one statistic, Dirk Nowitzki sits at the very top and most of you would have never guessed it.

Dirk Nowitzki has the most technical fouls among active players.

We all know Nowitzki is the ultimate competitor and can get emotional at times on the court, but the most technical fouls among active players? I would have guessed top 10 because of the years he has been in the league, but never would have guessed number one.

The top five looks like this…

5.) Paul Pierce – 114

4.) Tyson Chandler – 128

3.) Carmelo Anthony – 137

2.) Dwight Howard – 143

1.) Dirk Nowitzki – 151

Obviously, years played has a lot to do with this stat, but it is still surprising considering Nowitzki isn’t the first name that normally comes to your head when you think about technical fouls.

Last year, Zaza Pachulia led the team with eight while Nowitzki followed behind with six. At the rate that Dwight Howard is going, combined with the presumed years he has left, he could overtake this title from Nowitzki very soon.

As far as the league is concerned, DeMarcus Cousins led the way with 17 while Isaiah Thomas followed behind with 14 and Draymond Green 13 last season.

While Nowitzki isn’t as cool-mannered as some would assume on the court, he has a long way of reaching Rasheed Wallace’s 300+ total technicals he achieved over the course of his career. If you think Cousins’ 17 was a lot last year, don’t forget Wallace had 41 in just the 00-01 season alone.

So keep chirping Dirk, I want to see more than six this year.