Could Dallas Be an Option If Chris Bosh Demands a Trade?

Jan 1, 2016; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh (1) makes a three point basket as Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea (5) looks on during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 1, 2016; Miami, FL, USA; Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh (1) makes a three point basket as Dallas Mavericks guard J.J. Barea (5) looks on during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports /

If things went completely south in Miami between Chris Bosh and the Heat around his medical issue, could the big man demand a trade? Would Dallas come calling?

Chris Bosh, a 13 year veteran, has had a disastrous past couple of seasons after his battle with blood clots came to light two years ago. After finding his 2014-15 season come to a close after just 44 games, Bosh found the same issue ending his 2015-16 season after just 53 games.

Now, after missing over 65 games over the past two seasons, Bosh finds himself almost at a crossroads in his career as he looks to begin his third year after the first initial blood clot diagnosis.

The severity and information surrounding blood clots dominated the headlines, but it was Bosh’s relationship with the Heat organization that has slowly started to gain steam as both parties seemed to be on different playing fields.

After Bosh sat out the last third of the regular season last year, Bosh’s camp was pushing adamantly for the Heat to clear Bosh to play in the postseason. He was posting videos on social media of him working out, his family was vocal in pushing the ‘all clear’ sign in regards to his health, and there was even a twitter campaign that started circling advocating for Bosh’s medical clearance.

Miami, taking a very cautious approach to the whole situation, didn’t clear Bosh for the playoffs and Miami was eliminated in the second round.

Now Bosh is ready to go for training camp, but a similar situation still lingers with the Heat organization.

Stop me now if you have heard this before, but Bosh is ready to play and the Heat have still not cleared him medically.

In the most likely scenario, Bosh and the Heat will get back on the same page, Bosh will be cleared, and the Heat will get back to their normal ways. But what if things go completely south?

What if Miami still won’t clear Bosh medically, but he has clearance from his personal doctors and is ready to go? What if he is unwilling to wait on Miami’s clearance and demands a trade?

Should his hometown, Dallas, Texas come calling?

Assuming the teams willing to trade for him would clear him medically, Bosh would garner pretty high demand on the trade market as his is one of the better all around players in the league. But you still wonder what it would take on the trade market for Miami to unload him.

Bosh is 32 years and has his obvious medical issues that could pop back up in the future. Combine that with the fact that he is still under a max contract that will net him over $75 million over the next three years. I believe this would make Bosh’s value lower than the likes of DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin if they ever hit the market.

Should the Dallas Mavericks be interested? I absolutely believe so.

First off, making a trade work would require some management work as Bosh is slotted to make $23 million this season. Assuming that Dallas wouldn’t unload Harrison Barnes that quickly, that would require Wesley Matthews to be a centerpiece in the deal if it was centered around player-for-player.

The other option, and probably the most likely in this scenario, would be a multiple team trade where you would see multiple Mavs being shipped out. Deron Williams and/or Andrew Bogut would most definitely be in the deal. Dallas would obviously have to give up one of their younger pieces also in either Powell, Anderson, or Curry to go along with a possible draft pick.

The next question would be how Bosh would fit in alongside Dirk Nowitzki. Would Dallas run Bosh at center next to Dirk especially if Bogut was in the deal? Would they move Dirk to a 6th man role so Bosh could be the starting four?

Either way, Bosh would be a HUGE addition for the right price. If Dallas could pull off a multiple team Bosh trade by unloading Deron Williams, Dwight Powell, Devin Harris, and a draft pick, Dallas could change up the Western Conference.

This would obviously put pressure on J.J. Barea and Seth Curry to hold down the point guard spot, but the rest of the rotation would be very impressive heading into the playoffs. Again, this would all be based off Dallas’ doctors clearing Bosh medically.

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There has been no trade speculation surrounding Bosh to this moment, but the relationship between him and the Heat organization is something to keep an eye on over the next month or so surrounding his blood clots.

If he ever did hit the market, I would expect his hometown to make a call.