JaVale McGee Feeds Thousands of People Every Thanksgiving


It’s not just Dallas Mavericks fans that are thankful for JaVale McGee, but thousands of people across the country.

This past offseason the Dallas Mavericks decided to take the chance on the mystery big man by offering him a small contract with a team option on the second year. After battling injuries in Philadelphia and Denver, the 27-year old athletic big man found himself on the edge of his NBA career.

His career might have been in jeopardy, but his heart for the community continued to beat. In 2011, McGee’s foundation launched his first annual turkey giveaway in San Bernardino, California where he fed over 1,000 families and disabled veterans (according to

A couple of years ago, McGee and his foundation added Denver, Colorado and Flint, Michigan to the list of cities that would take place in the turkey giveaway where he would feed over 6,000 people.

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This year, McGee added his new home, Dallas/Fort Worth, to the list as his foundation hosted their 5th annual turkey giveaway at 11 different locations across the country on Tuesday, November 24th.

McGee made his Mavericks debut against the Thunder on November 22nd where he logged just 11 minutes off the bench. It was an early Thanksgiving gift as his availability was kept a secret up until game time. Last night, McGee made his second appearance where he displayed his athleticism and shooting ability after early foul trouble for Pachulia. McGee is the definition of potential and the Mavs seem determined to fulfill all of the potential they possibly can.

For me personally, McGee is one of the few players in the league that brings a smile to my face every time he comes into the game. He is always in a joking mood as he is normally smiling about something. He is destined for some kind of funny highlight that you can only laugh at while still showing athleticism that shouldn’t be allowed for 7-footers.

Mavs fans are thankful for for JaVale, but more importantly, thousands of families and disabled veterans are thankful for JaVale.

Thank you JaVale McGee!

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