Wesley Matthews, Deron Williams to Play Final Preseason Game?


Could Wesley Matthews AND Deron Williams suit up against the Bulls?

On Thursday at practice, Rick Carlisle raised some eyebrows when asked about the possibility of Wes Matthews or Deron Williams playing in the final preseason game Friday night against the Bulls.

Carlisle was asked causally if Wes and Deron would be available Friday night and he dropped this stunner.

Matthews has been very vocal about being ready for opening night in Phoenix while the Mavs have countered it by playing the caution route. Just over the past couple of days, rumors have been swirling about the possibility of Matthews logging some minutes in the final preseason game.

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At this point, I would rather see the guy just hold it off a few more weeks instead of jumping into a meaningless preseason game. But who am I? The Mavs medical staff knows way more than I do so if they clear him, then all of us will be eager to see our highest paid player in action.

As for Deron Williams, the news comes somewhat surprising since it was just last week that news came out that he would be out for the remainder of preseason and questionable for opening day. I would be surprised to see Williams go on Friday night.

Even though it is a simple statement from Carlisle, it is a statement that brings more excitement to the Mavs fanbase as everyone waits for the team to get fully healthy.

If Matthews goes and Williams does not, who would have ever guessed that Matthews would see minutes on the court before Parsons, Williams, and McGee.

Either way, Friday night will be the last time in action before the Mavs take the court in Phoenix next week for the start of the regular season. For some of these guys, this will be the last time to hit the court.

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