5 Dallas Mavericks Who Could be Texas Rangers


With the news of the Texas Rangers clinching a spot in the playoffs this week, could some Dallas Mavericks help them make a deep postseason run?

So many athletes throughout the major sports played numerous sports growing up, so we decided to have some fun and theorize about which current Dallas Mavericks could help our friends down the street make a World Series run. The following is 5 players who we could see suit up in Arlington…

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J.J. Barea, Second Base

Standing at an astounding 6-feet tall and weighing 185 pounds, Barea could make a mean second baseman. His speed and craftiness would allow him to hold down the position on the diamond.

At the batters box, Barea would have a strike zone the size of your palm while also possessing quick speed to take some extra bases. I could see him being a poor man’s Dustin Pedroia.

Justin Anderson, Center Field

Being an avid ACC basketball fan, I have seen my fair share of Justin Anderson and his athleticism in college. Standing at 6’6″ with some threatening speed, Anderson could cover the ground quiet well in center field.

At the plate, would Anderson pull out the left-handed Josh Hamilton swing? I don’t know, but Anderson seems to be one of the most athletic guys on the Mavericks.

Raymond Felton, Catcher

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Felton comes into training camp as a backup point guard, but does he have the frame to contend for time at catcher? Standing at 6’1″ and 205lbs, Felton has a stocky frame that could do well from behind the plate.

Now I’m not saying he could be the next Pudge, but Felton could legit get more minutes on the Rangers this postseason than the Mavs.

JaVale McGee, Pitcher

Coming into the 2008 NBA Draft, McGee measured out at a 7’6″ wingspan and a 9’6.5″standing reach, is he the second coming Randy Johnson? Imagine all 7 feet of JaVale McGee standing on the mound staring down the batter.

Now I’m not saying he would hit the strike zone, or even not fall down, but he would be intimidating to say the least.

2015 Dirk Nowitzki Charity Softball Game. Pictured is Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash. Photo taken by Isaac Harris

Dirk Nowitzki, Designated Hitter

This past summer I attended Dirk Nowitzki’s annual charity softball game where I seen the likes of Dez Bryant and Steve Nash take the field. But it was Nowitzki at first base and the batters box that stole the show.

Due to the lack of lateral quickness from Dirk, I think he would be better suited at the DH spot on the team. Move over Prince Fielder, Dirk is coming for your bat.

Obviously this is all fun and games as the excitement grows around the city of Dallas for both teams. Congrats to our Texas Rangers friends and good luck in the postseason! Follow all Texas Rangers Postseason news at Nolan Writin’.

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