Mark Cuban Talks with Ahmed Mohamed, Dallas Kid Arrested for Homemade Clock


Over the past couple of weeks the national media has been buzzing about Ahmed Mohamed, the small kid who was arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school where it was mistaken for a bomb.

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  • Dallas Mavericks owner

    Mark Cuban

    , on

    Real Time with Bill Maher

    , talked about the conversation he had with the Dallas area kid about the whole situation.

    “The kid is a super smart kid. Science geek. We talked about science…”

    Cuban went on discussing his conversation by talking about the key point that everyone was missing when talking about the case.

    “All he had to do was engage the teacher, and he didn’t. That’s the point that was missing.” He continued, “It was wrong that he got arrested, but all that he had to do was talk to the teacher, but he didn’t.”

    Very interesting point brought up by Cuban. This kid is smarter than I ever will be.

    Cuban also went in on how Ahmed is the ‘big winner’ out of all this.

    “The kid came out way ahead” -Cuban

    “He told me, ‘Ive been getting all these offers. I’m not going back to MacArthur. I’m going to pick which school I want to go to because everyone’s offering me scholarships.’ The kid came out way ahead.”

    Either way, the Dallas area kid (and hopefully Mavericks fan), seems to be back on the right track with a bright future ahead of him. Real question, can he build a team? Because the Mavericks might need this kid if they hit the reset button sometime over the next couple of years.

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