Mavericks’ Options for Wing Depth Continue to Dwindle


Mavericks: Potential targets for wing depth finding homes elsewhere

The Dallas Mavericks have made great strides to put a competitive team on the floor next season, even after having their free agency period hijacked by a certain fickle big man.

But if there’s one area in which the Mavericks could still use some help it’s on the wing.

In Chandler Parsons and Wesley Matthews the Mavericks have two fringe All-Stars manning the shooting guard and small forward positions. Sounds great, right?

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Well it is. But they are both coming off of injury, and despite being high-quality starter material, don’t have a whole lot behind them on the roster to back them up.

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The Mavericks can still remedy this problem, but it would behoove them to ratchet up the intensity as their options continue to dwindle.

Our own Rami Michail threw some names out there that could help. Among them was Dorell Wright, a player I had hoped the Mavericks would target to shore up the small forward spot.

But he won’t be on an NBA roster come opening night after making the decision to make a move to China with the Chongqing Dragons:

Wright, who appeared in 48 games for the Portland Trailblazers last season, would have added another veteran presence to the roster and even more outside shooting to a team that will be extremely dangerous from distance next year.

He’s a career 36.5% shooter from behind the arc, and led the league in both made three-pointers and attempts for the Golden State Warriors back in 2010-11.

The 11-year vet could still be an option for the Mavericks when he’s done with his season in China, the same way Bernard James was, but that’s obviously a long ways off.

The Mavericks need to address the issue sooner rather than later, so Wright joining the Mavericks at any point this season is probably a long shot.

Here’s hoping they find someone else capable of filling the hole on the wing. In addition to Wright being spoken for, Jason Richardson has come to terms with the Atlanta Hawks and J.R. Smith is likely headed back to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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