Mavericks Monday Practice- What Was Said



Parsons and Devin, how much did they do

“They did not do anything today. They did lifting and rehab work. They are listed as questionable and will have them listed as questionable and see where they are tomorrow.”

Pleased with Parsons’ play, assess his play in Game 1

“Thought he played well considering he hadn’t played in six games.”

Parsons any complications, swelling

“All I can tell you is we’re listing him as questionable and we may be able to update you in the morning, we may be not. There might not be an update until the game when we submit all our stuff.”

Play of Rondo, how he impacted the game

“I like the way Rondo played. He’s been playing good basketball for the last month and he needs to stay aggressive. He’s an experienced playoff player that has the ability to have a lot of impact. We need him to play his game, keep working it, keep pacing our game, guard the heck out of people and make plays.”

Going to zone the other night

“We got some good possessions with it then we got hit a couple of times in the second half with some threes. We had mixed results with it, it’s something we have that we can go to but the basis of your defense is your man defense and that’s really the foundation and we have to be solid with it and zone is something we have in the tool box. We’re working hard to get our man defense better.”

Stress of making the simple play after turnovers

“Of the 17 turnovers, 10-12 were unforced so we have to bring that number down. We do that, it’ll reduce their points off turnovers and that’s the equalizer. There’s a lot of areas we had little slippages and all those things add up to a big number. We have to tighten a lot of it up for Game 2.”

Amare to be more effective

“He had some shots around the baskets that were good shots and it just didn’t go in, which is going to happen. The guy has been shooting an amazing percentage since he’s been here. Guys will have an off game once in a while. But he has to stay aggressive and we have to stay in attack mode.”

Feel like you have to make major adjustments in order to execute

“Playoffs are about adjustments so we have to adjust to things that need adjusting and we have to stay the course on things we feel we’re doing decently and can do a little bit better. And again, when you have a leak in the roof, you have to figure out if there’s a bunch of things contributing to it or if it’s one big thing and right now, we have a lot of little things that we need to patch up and that’s what we’ve worked at the last two days.”

Encouraging to see battle on the boards

“The fact that we were plus on the boards is a good sign. Dwight Howard was in foul trouble a lot so in Game 2, he’ll be out there with more minutes, most likely, but we’ll just have to keep battling the same way. Our perimeter guys will just have to help us in there.”

What little things that you’re most worried about

“Well I went through them. Little slippages of coverages, gave up some corner threes, unforced turnovers, offensive execution needed to get cleaned up so a lot of little things and you do a couple of good things on offense, it will help your defense and it’s all related.”

Think you did a solid job on harden?

“He’s such a great player that it’s our job is to try to make it as difficult as possible for him. We’re playing him in a way he’s involving other teammates so we have to mix things up some and great players will adjust to the same coverage every single time but we did some good things but there’s things we can do a little bit better.”

Importance of getting off to a good start in Game 2

“It’s definitely important. We got off to a poor start in really the start of both halves and heading into the second game we have to do better, no doubt about it.”


Some of their guys got hot off the bench, how much do you think your second unit to take advantage on this series

“I think we’ve done a good job all year and we have to keep it going. Corey Brewer did a great job last game so we have to stop him.”

Don’t want to get down 0-2 to his team

“No question, but I think we feel like it’s a great opportunity for us to go over there and get one game and come back where we have two games at home.”

Turnovers, trying to make the simple plays

“You have to be careful with the ball. They’re great at going for steals and gambling so we have to take care of the ball and I think if we take care of turnovers, they’ll have less points in transition.”

Role changes if Devin misses Game 2

“I’m going to play my game, maybe a little more minutes earlier and a little bit later, but I just have to be ready.”

Difference making that run, that you can carry to Game 2

“I think we were taking care of the ball, we were attacking and took good shots I think that’s basically what you have to do with a team like that – take care of the ball, move the ball, find the open guy and live with it.”


Difference making that run

“We took care of the ball, played good defense, kind of had them taking the shots we wanted them to take and because of that, we were able to get a fast-break tempo.”

Do a better job taking advantage when Dwight is in foul trouble

“I think we have to do a better job overall at fixing little things. It’s not necessarily when he’s on or off the court. It’s more so about how we’re affected by the little things they do out there. We had some untimely, some unluckily breaks, Corey Brewer came up with some loose balls and hit some threes when we had the game close, couple of fouls here and there and turnovers as well that we have to stay away from.”

focus on harden but how much do you have to take away 3pt shooting

“That’s the key part of their game, but Harden is what drives the train. I thought Rondo did an excellent job making things tough for him. It’s just about if he does a good job, then we have to keep those other guys off.”

Other things working on defensively

“Not as many easy shots. I thought we made some things difficult for them, but they did get some open 3-pointers. Our turnovers didn’t help and getting them to the free-throw line. So if we can keep them away from taking so many threes and tough twos, I give us a chance.”

Rebounding battle

“I thought we did an excellent job down low, battling all their bigs, making it tough on them, kind of following the game plan. It’s our job to make it as tough as possible with the way we’re scheming.”