Mavericks’ series against Rockets more than just wins and losses


Dallas Mavericks. Houston Rockets. Dirk Nowitzki. James Harden. Dwight Howard. Monta Ellis. Rajon Rondo. Chandler Parsons. Mark Cuban. Daryl Morey. Rick Carlisle. Kevin McHale.

Plenty of names. Plenty of intrigue. Plenty of story lines.

And we wouldn’t want anything less during the postseason.

But this series is more than just wins and losses for the Dallas Mavericks. A team that has lacked consistency and continuity since 2011 needs to finally find it. And this series could determine the Mavs’ future plans.

Nowitzki, Parsons, and Devin Harris are the only Mavericks guaranteed to be under contract next season (barring trades).

Rondo and Tyson Chandler and possibly Ellis and A-Farouq Aminu will be free agents this upcoming summer.

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Since acquiring Rondo, the team sports an unimpressive 31-24 record. Which if stretched over 82 games, would result in just 46 wins. Not terrible but not where the Mavs expected to be after bringing in the former All-Star.

With struggles, comes plenty of blame. Rondo has received a good share. Ellis has received a fair amount of the burden as well. And this series could decide who stays and who goes.

To expect the Mavs to come out firing on all cylinders since landing Rondo was never a fair expectation, but after 50+ games (despite plenty of injuries around the roster), the time is now to show what this roster is truly made of.

The team knows what they have in Nowitzki and Tyson Chandler. Ones an aging star who still has his moments of excellence, but knows his time to step away is soon. And it’s tough to see Cuban letting Chandler walk AGAIN, especially after the season he’s had back in Dallas.

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Next, Parsons, battling knee issues, will have his opportunity to show why the team invested so much into him. With a strong showing, he can prove to be the Mavs face of the future once Nowitzki decides to call it a career.

Back to the backcourt. Two guards who excel with the ball and offense focused around their skill sets. Two guards who struggle to consistently shoot from range. One of who can give you nothing on offense and the other can give you the same on defense.

So if this duo falters in the playoffs, what do the Mavs do? Who do they keep? Who do they let walk away? With a good amount of names on the market, the Mavs could look to completely alter the makeup of the team.

But what if these two finally click and excel in the postseason (whether they win a series or two)…as many as hoped? Is the Mavs backcourt now set for seasons to come? Do we finally see the Mavs bringing back a similar roster for back to back seasons?

And it’s not just those two. Aminu, who has had a great impact for the Mavs off the bench, will be a tough call as well. Charlie Villanueva, J.J. Barea, and Amar’e Stoudemire will all have the opportunity to make a case for themselves to stay in Dallas.

We saw the Mavs let plenty of key names let go after winning the 2011 Championship? If they can surprise people and turn heads, do they not make the same decision (mistake?)?

If they fall flat on their faces, do they burn it down…again? Or do we see them roll the dice on Ellis, Rondo, and the others to build what’s been lacked since 2011?

….Chemistry. Familiarity. Continuity…

Plenty of questions and outcomes are possible. And it all starts, and possibly ends, against Houston.

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