Dallas Mavericks: Whoever Is At Small Forward Needs to Rebound


Something happened Sunday night. Richard Jefferson did two things that Richard Jefferson probably isn’t expected to do anymore.

First, this.

Also he had 10 rebounds from the small forward spot, something that the Dallas Mavericks thought they’d be getting on a more consistent basis from the big free agent signing at that position, Chandler Parsons. Who is 6’10 (With a Ratchet).

Parsons season hasn’t delivered on many fronts that the Mavs brought him in for, aiding Dirk Nowitzki, who at the twilight of his storied career isn’t much of a rebounding factor anymore, was one of those things.

CP25 has grabbed double digit rebounds twice this season. 12 vs. the Clippers on February 9th and 11 vs. the Spurs on December 20th.

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He’s been good, not great. As fans we feel fully justified in expecting more out of the restricted free agent Dallas snagged from the rival Houston Rockets for three years and just over $46 million dollars.

His numbers are down across the board from a season ago but the most frustrating is the drop in rebounding from 5.5 a game to 4.8 a game. If the Mavericks are going to get past any of the other seven Western Conference playoff teams, they need someone besides Tyson Chandler to be a force –or merely a presence– on the glass.

Dirk can’t really jump anymore unless he’s getting a lob from an MVP candidate and most of his rebounds are off instinct and positioning and Tyson Chandler’s presence. However, the length of Parsons was supposed to alleviate this fact.

The rebounding struggles of Nowitzki are of no surprise at all.

Going back all the way to 2004-05 when Dat Dood averaged a career high 9.7 rebounds a game, that figure has steadily decreased each year excluding a tiny uptick from 2012 to 2013. Of course anything above seven for a starting big man is absolutely acceptable. But in the latter part of his career, Dirk’s grabbing missed shots at a deteriorating pace.

Championship year: 7 rebounds a game. Then…

2011-12: 6.7

2012-13: 6.8

2013-14: 6.2

2014-15 so far: 6.1

Dirk may not be above criticism to the public eye, but to #MFFL’s, well…he kinda is.

But that’s precisely why part of bringing Chandler Parsons, a small forward, into the mix, was to help compensate for #41’s falling rebounding numbers.

I mean he’s 36 in year 17, you go get a rebound Chandler.

Not you, Tyson, who’s averaging 11.8 rebounds. That’s 6th in the league, behind Deandre Jordan, Andre Drummond, DeMarcus Cousins, Pau Gasol and Zach Randolph.

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Honestly, where we would be without Tyson is…well…see the last couple of years. And then see the one before those couple when we did have Tyson.


Richard Jefferson had 10 rebounds on Sunday, and despite allegations that this June he’s turning to stone, it’ll actually be 35.

Al-Farouq Aminu has recently seen his playing time increased as his impact on the “little things” aspect of the game has been a godsend for the Dallas Mavericks.

By that I mean blocks, rebounds, deflections, disrupting passing lanes and protecting the rim.

In the last 15 days of games played, the first year Maverick (on a minimum deal like Jefferson I might add) is averaging 6.4 rebounds in just 22 minutes a game, including 2.6 very very important offensive rebounds.

Sometimes all it takes is effort, if we’re questioning that from Chandler Parsons…we have a whole different problem entirely.

Dallas takes on the Toronto Raptors tonight at home at 7:30.




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