Power Ranking the Mavs: A Balanced Effort in Week 11


1) Tyson Chandler

Last week: 1 (no change)

It’s been a weird week, in that the Mavs have been winning, but (other than Rondo’s homecoming) no single Mav has really stood out game-to-game. Very balanced, consistent team effort. So it is fitting that Dallas’s most consistent and balanced player holds down the top spot.

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2) Monta Ellis

Last week: 3 (up 1 spots)

It seems pretty clear at this point that Monta is going to be the Mavs’ leading scorer from here on out. He looked particularly good against the Wizards, grabbing 4 steals and out-John-Walling John Wall. I’m a little worried about his dropping assist numbers, but that may just be the Rondo affect.

3) Dirk Nowitzki

Last week: 2 (down 1 spots)

Dirk’s scoring is down despite his shooting numbers being pretty good still. That’s a factor of decreased minutes and a much more balanced roster. Mavs are getting plenty of points from Parsons, Rondo, Charlie V, etc., so Dirk only needs to score 13-17 points a night. Dirk’s rebounding numbers are up though, and he even seems to be getting more assists than in the past. Dirk just wants to win yo.

4) Rajon Rondo

Last week: 4 (no change)

How much fun was it to watch Rondo absolutely go off against the Celtics? He is obviously not going to shoot like that most nights, but it was so very enjoyable. Unfortunately, he followed it up with only 4 against Cleveland, but had 8 assists and 4 rebounds. Best part of Rondo so far has been his defense.

5) Chandler Parsons

Last week: 5 (no change)

Parsons continues being the weakest player of the starters. Which really isn’t an insult at all. He isn’t doing anything spectacular, but fortunately this offense doesn’t need him to. I would love it if he could feed off of Rondo and Tyson and really work on his defensive skills and intensity.

6) Richard Jefferson

Last week: 8 (up 2 spots)

This was the week Richard Jefferson finally became the bench player we all thought he could be. Over the last 7 games, he is shooting SEVENTY PERCENT FROM THREE. And overall, his defense and rebounding are no longer terrible. Welcome to Dallas RJ.

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7) J.J. Barea

Last week: 10 (up 3 spots)

J.J. is BACK. Okay not really, but the little fella has played pretty well the past week. He’s really taken advantage of Devin being pretty mediocre on the offensive end. He has run various bench lineups fairly well and is also playing off ball next to Rondo every now and again.

8) Devin Harris

Last week: 9 (up 1 spot)

Devin continues to not put up a lot of statistics, but he is doing a lot of small things that are valuable. In particular, he is playing probably his best defense of the season, especially next to Rondo. I don’t want to complain too much during a win streak, but it really feels like Devin should be scoring close to double digits every night, even with a fewer minutes.

9) Charlie Villanueva 

Last week: 6 (down 3 spots)

Charlie V had 14 against Washington, but cooled off considerably after that. He was shut out against the Celtics, and then played less than 3 minutes (aka just as many minutes as Dwight Powell and Richard Jefferson) against Cleveland. He’s still shooting well from range though.

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10) Greg Smith

Last week: 7 (down 3 spots)

Greg Smith has played really well in small stints, though he still hasn’t shaken the tendency to foul over much. Smith has played well enough that I no longer feel the need to see the Mavs go after Jermaine O’Neal. Between Charlie V, Smith, and Al-Farouq Aminu, the Mavs are slowly making up for the loss of Brandan Wright.

11) Al-Farouq Aminu

Last week: 11 (no change)

Aminu got a little bit of burn this week, especially after Smith left the game against Cleveland. Aminu played some great defense against Kevin Love. Rick may yet figure out a defensive specialist role for him. He probably won’t play consistently, but can definitely contribute.

12) Dwight Powell

Last week: 13 (up 1 spot)

Dwight Powell barely played, but looked fine.

13) Raymond Felton

Last week: 14 (up 1 spot)

Felton has played about as much as Powell and the two have roughly similar statistics. But the expectations are higher for Felton, so the rookie gets the nod.

14) Ricky Ledo 

Last week: 13 (down 2 spots)

Ledo rode the pine all week. He’d be better served by playing in Frisco full time.