Rest for the Weary Mavs


‘Tis the season.

#WinterMeetings are more exciting –far more exciting–than anything the Texas Rangers did in 2014.

#WinterSoldier remains watchable again and again.

#WinningSoldier. Something I definitely should have named “Winner Soldier.” But there’s no turning back for the 36 of you who read it.

Thank you.

The Dallas Mavericks are 17-7. That’s 24 games.

The Orlando Magic are 9-15. That’s 24 games.

The New York Knicks are 4-20. That’s 24 games.

The  Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns have played 23 games. That’s 23 games each. Duh.

Anyone from superstar German to unpaid small time American writer will tell you that it’s best to get your issues sorted out early. It’s best to face your toughest challenges when you’re ready. It’s better to have the time to gel and become a tight group and suffer some pain, agony, frustration and losing along the way.

In College Football that I don’t watch because it’s not the NFL, it’s better to lose a big game early than late. Momentum.

It’s best to be swamped with games early than late. Starting slow or finishing strong? Momentum, please. Momentum.

After defeating the New Orleans Pelicans Wednesday night at home in snoozer of a contest despite the deceptively exciting final score of 112-107. This contest coming on the heels of yet another loss to another Western Conference superior, the Memphis Grizzlies, that saw Dallas fall to 0-5 vs. that upper tier of teams in the rugged West. A tier they need to become apart of sooner or later.

But like I said, better to have these (annoying) issues early than late. Much, much better.

In Dallas’ 24 basketball games so far in 2014, this was their fifth back-to-back, none of which have seen the team stay in the same place for the first or second of the double-double. In comparison, the Conference and League leading Golden State Warriors –standing at 19-2 through 21 games–have played in three back-to-backs.

The Mavs have had two days off between games only twice this season. The Warriors? Four times. For some odd reason the Warriors had November 17th-20th off.

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I’m not making excuses, it’s far far far too early in the NBA season for players to be tired. And the Warriors, rest or not, are a much better team than the Mavericks right now. And the rest of the league.

When the teams face off tomorrow at 1 PM (yes, you read that right; an 11 AM start in Oakland) each team will be rested. Healthy? Not quite so much.

Chandler Parsons‘ back. Monta Ellis‘ elbow. Dirk Nowitzki’s back/hip. Jameer Nelson‘s shoulder. Raymond Felton‘s ankle. The main three will play, though.

Golden State has made this incredible 19-2 start without former all-star David Lee, who could be back as soon as next week, and frankly Draymond Green has made Lee’s absence a blessing in disguise.

Green, the 35th pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, has been a revelation for the Dubs. He scored a career high 31 points on Tuesday night in Chicago in win number 18 for the Warriors. Jae Crowder was picked one pick before Green. The pick before that? Bernard James.

Draymond Green is easily the best of the three through two years and change of their NBA careers, but let’s chalk some of that up to opportunity. The Warriors rotation left an opening for either Green or Kent Bazemore, and Bazemore isn’t really…good…at…the basketball.


Not to discredit Jae Crowder, who has cracked the Mavericks rotation the last three games. A combination of Al-Farouq Aminu‘s inability to do much at all and Crowder’s improved three point shot accompanied by his always emotionally charged defense has seen a MPG rise from 8.3 through the season’s first 21 games to 21.8 over the past three.

Despite all the excuses with the schedule and the issues with injuries, the Mavericks are ultimately expected to roll out their preferred unit and the Warriors their unit that’s gone 19-2 and won 13 matches in a row. #SoccerTerm

The Mavericks had an opportunity once again to make a huge statement on Tuesday in Memphis. They have perhaps a bigger one tomorrow against the Golden State Warriors. Let’s see if they can get it done.

Plus Stephen Curry got us twice last season. (As GIF’d above)

Let’s. Go. Mavs.