Power Ranking the Mavs: Dirk continues his reign in Week 4


1) Dirk Nowitzki

Last week: 1 (no change)

Since last week, Dirk has passed Hakeen Olajuwon for 9th on the all-time scoring list, all while putting the team on his back to come back from a 24-point first half deficit, and put up 21 points in 20 minutes on 7-8 (87.5%) shooting. And he is still leading the team in scoring. So yeah, he’s still number 1 on my list. Tyson and Monta are both doing work, but neither did enough to pass Dirk this week.

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2) Tyson Chandler

Last week: 2 (no change)

I realize that Monta went for 30 against Minnesota, but on that same night Tyson registered his 4th double-double in 5 games, with 12 points and 16 rebounds. SIXTEEN. So as much as I love what Monta is doing lately, Tyson still has spot #2 locked down for the week. He is simply more valuable to the team right now, since hardly anyone else rebounds or plays defense.

3) Monta Ellis

Last week: 3 (no change)

Despite going off against the Timberwolves, Monta has had a fairly quiet week, scoring only 16 against the Kings and 17 against the Sixers. However, he has been contributing in less obvious ways. Monta posted a +21, +23, & +16 this past week and has been a more consistent shooter (51.5%), including from three point land (39.3%).

4) Brandan Wright

Last week: 4 (no change)

Brandan Wright continues to be a statistical behemoth. This week he shot 87.5% (over 77% for the season) and averaged just over 12 points a game. He currently leads the team in PER, having passed Dirk since last week. Only extraterrestrial anomaly Anthony Davis has a higher PER than Brandan Wright this season.

5) Chandler Parsons

Last week: 7 (up 2 spot)

Parsons has looked a little better this week, but still not nearly as good as expected. Maybe expectations were too high. However, he does seem to be in more of a groove, even if the statistics don’t necessarily show it yet.

6) Al-Farouq Aminu

Last week: 5 (down 1 spot)

I still really love Aminu off the bench, but he didn’t really play any more than usual this week. Which is somewhat unexpected, considering that two games were blowout wins. He did a lot of little things in the Sixers game, but the Minny game is where he really shined, with 10 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 steals in 22 minutes.

7) Devin Harris

Last week: 6 (down 1 spots)

Devin continues to underwhelm just slightly. He had a decent week despite only playing 12 minutes against Philly. I’m really underwhelmed with the Mavericks point guard situation.

8) J.J. Barea

Last week: 8 (no change)

Guess who had more assists than Jameer Nelson this week? JJ had 17 assists to Jameer’s 16, despite playing much fewer minutes.

9) Jameer Nelson

Last week: 9 (no change)

Jameer continues to do all the things I’ve griped about him doing for weeks now. It’s getting to the point where many Mavs fans are thinking to themselves “I wonder what Ray Felton can do?” This is not a good mental place to be in.

10) Richard Jefferson

Last week: 10 (up 1 spot)

While Jefferson did not play against the Kings, he actually contributed some points in a cleanup role in the blowout wins against Philly and Minny. And came down with 7 boards against the Sixers. Which is more than I can say for Jae Crowder.

11) Jae Crowder

Last week: 10 (down 1 spot)

Crowder continues to do a lot of nothing. I get that he’s a good glue guy, but it’s starting to look like he’ll never be more than that.

12)  Greg Smith

Last week: 12 (no change)

Smith got some burn against the Sixers, but didn’t do a heck of a lot with it. 5 points, 3 rebounds, a steal… and 4 fouls. If Smith doesn’t get his fouling under control, I can’t see Carlisle ever giving him minutes except in blowouts like this one.

13) Charlie Villanueva

Last week: 13 (no change)

Charlie V scored 10 points against the Sixers. I gave the edge to Smith because Greg had a more well-rounded statistical contribution in that game, but it was really a toss-up this week between the 12 and 13 spots.

14) Raymond Felton

Last week: 14 (up 1 spot)

What?? Ray Felton moved up a spot? I figured, with everyone sadly wondering what sort of contributions Felton can make (largely due to Jameer Nelson’s failings), Ray deserved to move up a spot this week. He starts his four-game suspension tonight against the Hornets, so he’ll be eligible to play a week from today, against the Pacers.

15) Ricky Ledo

Last week: 14 (down 1 spot)

Still hasn’t played. I’m surprised he isn’t in Frisco already.