Panic with the Cavs? Q&A with Hoopsheads’ Cameron Fields


Ah yes! Cameron Fields, editor of Hoopsheads and one of the great underappreciated writers in the massive writers-phere. And he has the 2014 pleasure of being a Cleveland Cavaliers fan.

He respectfully accepted an E-Vite to conduct a quick interview over Twitter DM’s (how would you like it?!) and so let’s dig in to some questions regarding the highly discussed 1-3 start to the season for the revamped and LeBron James led Cleveland Cavs.

Ace Feltman (that’s me!): Most people are panicking after the 1-3 start? As a basketball rationalist (writer) Are you? Why or why not?

Cameron Fields: I’m not so much panicking, as I am questioning their effort. I realize that chemistry will have to develop, but there should still be a sense of urgency night in and night out.

ESPN thinks you’re underreacting by not declaring Cleveland a quarantine zone.

Ace: Are you at all concerned about any of the following:
-David Blatt’s coaching?
-Kyrie and Kevin Love’s defense?
-Dion Waiters being awful?

Mr. Fields: I am concerned with the status of Dion Waiters. I feel that for the Cavs to succeed, he must accept a role similar to that of what Jason Terry has engaged in throughout his career. I also question his shot selection, as he has tended to mess up the flow of the offense with his excessive dribbling.


Ace: Does LeBron look a step slow?

Mr. Fields: LeBron certainly hasn’t put up LeBron like numbers, but I believe his slow start is a byproduct of getting used to a new team and offense. Other than that, expect him to get back to normal very soon.

Notable un-LeBron LeBron stats: 4.5 turnovers and 41 % shooting through 4 games.

Photo Credit: Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Ace: Can you give Gordon Hayward a little love?

Mr. Fields: Gordon Hayward is certainly a good player in this league. Last season he averaged 16.2 ppg on 41.3% shooting. He is a good player on a mediocre team, but he has a few more steps before All-Star consideration.


Ace: What was your preseason Cavs prediction and what is it now?

Mr. Fields: I thought the Cavs would be a solid 50+ team, and I still believe that despite the growing pains. The upper echelon of the Eastern conference is loaded with teams like the Bulls and Heat, but I see the Cavs getting to the Finals.

Charlotte Hornets, baby!

Ace: Who should start at shooting guard?

Mr. Fields: Kyrie Irving should definitely start at shooting guard. As I mentioned earlier, Waiters tends to disrupt the flow of the offense with his constant dribbling. When Matthew Dellavedova comes back from injury, I believe him and Irving should be the starting guards.

Well, now that’s interesting! And I kind of like it. Maybe even love it.

Ace: Will they sign Ray Allen?

Mr. Fields: To that, I don’t have much information about, but the Cavs aren’t in dire need of a player like Ray Allen. They really need a rim protector, as so far their interior defense has proven to be inadequate.

That’s true, but the minimum can be given to anyone wanting to play with LeBron James.

Thanks to Cameron Fields for the time! Give him a twitter follow @CamFieldsNBA.