Dirky Pop


Sick and tired of hearing all these people talk about,

What’s the deal with this Pop guy,

And when is he gonna fade out?

Duncan and Dirk, Hall of Famers,

Giving It all until their basketball end.

The champions get their rings,

The Mavericks are reborn again.

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, the NBA season begins.

After slamming his metal encasing onto the scene, Tony Stark began Iron Man 2 with the words, It Is Good To Be Back. Oh boy, it really is.

Tonight the Dallas Mavericks take on……….(Chris Arnold pause)…….the San Antonio Spurs to open up not only their 2014-15 season but the Mavs and Spurs will be the Grand Opening for the entire season on TNT.

And what a game it is.

The defending champions are usually a shoe-in to open the season in the prime time slot, but the tense rivalry and the team that gave those champions by far their biggest postseason challenge earlier this calendar year is not the reason that Dallas has been chosen to square off against the dynastic San Antone’s.

The Mavericks will roll out a completely different team for the fourth straight season tonight, except instead of your Darren Collison‘s and Eddy Curry‘s or Troy Murphy‘s and Elton Brand‘s you’ve got a Jameer Nelson and a Brandan Wright and a Greg Smith.

Instead of Chris Kaman or Samuel Dalembert tipping it up, Tyson Chandler is back.

Instead of an ailing Dirk Nowitzki, you have a poised, prepared and truly READY Dirk Nowitzki.

Instead of O.J. Mayo who sucks or Monta Ellis who was a big question mark, you have a Monta Ellis you can trust.

Photo Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Instead of Mike James you have Devin Harris. Instead of a young Jae Crowder you have a veteran Richard Jefferson. Instead of Wayne Ellington, you have Al-Farouq Aminu. Instead of a revolving door of D-Leaguers to fill out your team, you have Raymond Felton, Jae Crowder and Charlie Villanueva.

You have your best team since well, you were the best team.

What made the 2010-2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks so special was the heart and camaraderie and t-e-a-m and also #team that made it possible to eclipse star centric teams or regular season juggernauts on the way to the Mavs’ first ever NBA title.

There’s a lot of uncertainty about this new remodeling Mark Cuban has done to his team. But the questions are going to be answered with flying colors, good stats but most importantly wins.

Chandler Parsons, Tyson Chandler, Jameer Nelson, Monta Ellis, Devin Harris, Al-Farouq Aminu, Richard Jefferson, Brandan Wright, Greg Smith, Jae Crowder, Raymond Felton, Charlie Villanueva, Rick Carlisle, Kaleb Canales, Monte Mathis, Darrell Armstrong, Jamahl Mosley, Donnie Nelson, Mark Cuban, Mark Followill, Derek Harper, Chuck Cooperstein……………..and Dirk Nowitzki are ready to bring Dallas basketball back to the top.

I am, too. We all are.

And we better be, because it’s happening.