Breaking Mav: Looking to Avenge Playoff Loss with Dirk Dominance


The Mavs open season with the Spurs, so I thought I’d have some fun and take on the champs myself.

But in what fashion?

Have Chandler Parsons go off in his Dallas Mavericks’ debut? Tempting but nah.

Prove that Monta Ellis does have it all? No proof necessary

Just win?Ya, but that’s not as fun.

Have Dirk Nowitzki Obliterate the Spurs after that ugly playoff series? Uhh…Hell ya!

Having to watch the San Antonio Spurs get their ring and hang their banner made this win a must. The Spurs have always had the Mavs number and to get a win on this night would be a great way to kick of this highly anticipated Mavs season.

Despite not having Kawhi Leonard, Tiago Splitter, and Patty Mills, this would be a effen tough game!

The new look Mavs would struggle. Jameer Nelson would cough up the ball plenty of times early on and would have Tony Parker run circles around him. Tyson Chandler, brought in to solidify the defense, would be shown why Tim Duncan is one of the greatest players ever to step on the hardwood.

Thanks to a strong first quarter from Parsons (9 points) and Ellis (6 points), I’d have the early 23-22 lead. But my goal of Dirk dominance was not happening. Not yet at least.

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The second quarter would be a far different story for Dirk. He’d put up 14 points in the period, putting his half-time total at 18. But the rest of the Mavs would struggle. Parsons, Ellis, and Harris would combine for only 8 points.

Duncan would lead the Spurs to a half time lead of 48-43.

The third quarter would bring plenty of frustration. Turnovers and missed shots led to plenty of Spurs’ opportunities. Duncan and Parker kept dominating, Dirk was resting, a failed 2-3 zone attempt, and I found myself down 57-68 with only a couple minutes left in the third.

At this point all I could think about was winning and there was only one way it was going to happen.


With Dirk back in, I’d turn to his patented one legged fadeaway to lead the comeback. Jumper after Jumper the lead would chip the lead away.

I’d enter the fourth quarter only down 70-68. But the comeback would hit a wall. Again with Dirk out, the Spurs would go on another run. A two point deficient was now ten with five minutes to go.

But thank God for the Big German. With him attracting so much attention on the block and as the pop man, Monta would hit back to back 3s to slow the Spurs’ momentum.

The score at 90-89 (Spurs lead), Dirk would give the Mavs their first second half lead after nailing another jumper over Boris Diaw. But sadly the lead wouldn’t last. Parker would blow by Harris and hit a floater over Tyson (can’t tell you how many times he got scored on!), but his second half was far better.

92-91, Dirk would would answer again with another jumper, but Diaw would come right back down and hit the Dirk fadeaway (ughh). 94-93 with just under a minute left, I’d again turn to Dirk, who would score his 40th and 41st points of the game.

Y0u’d think after allowing Parker to score 21 points, we’d look to get the ball out of his hands. Ya, that didn’t happen. He’d score again with just 18 seconds to go.

Welp. Timeout!

I’d go with Harris, Monta, Parsons, Dirk, and Richard Jefferson to win the game.

Parsons with the ball in his hands would use the Dirk screen but the Spurs defense was ready. The ball would find Monta who’d swing it to RJ then….

Remember that guy RJ is replacing? Vince Carter, right? He hit that game winner from the left corner during game 3.

Well, RJ would nail the jumper from the right corner to give us the 98-97 lead with just 5 seconds to go!

What a way to start your Mavs career!

But there was still 5 seconds left and getting stops hasn’t been our strength.

Harris, Crowder, Parsons, Aminu, and Tyson would take the court to seal this and guess what?

They did!

Mavs win, Parsons showed out, Monta was big, but most importantly, Dirk “freaking” Nowitzki got his revenge in dominant fashion!

*NOTE: Game played on All-Star difficulty and with 8 minute quarters.