Mavericks Poll: Which of Big-4 needs strongest preseason?


The Dallas Mavericks brought in Tyson Chandler and Chandler Parson this offseason to help Dirk Nowitzki and Monta Ellis carry the load.

This time we ask which of these four needs the strongest preseason?

Note: Answers were taken prior to Dirk being ruled out for two games.

Brian Gosset (@Gosset41): Parsons and Monta. I’ve talked about Parsons’ reasons and Monta enters his 2nd year with Dallas, so as fans, we just hope he doesn’t take a step back.

Kieran Hairell (@khairell): Again, Chandler Parsons. Needs to establish a litany of items to check the boxes for critics and fans: team chemistry, defensive presence, scoring ability … the list goes on. He needs the preseason to be strong to quiet the critics heading into the opener against the defending champs.

Winston Zhang (@The_Stepback): In a way, I feel all of them have to show something. Dirk has to show that he’s still going strong, Parsons for the abovementioned reasons, Monta to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke, and Tyson to prove he’s still bouncy and athletic (and healthy, but that’ll take the whole season to determine).

Bailey Rogers (@BRogers): Monta. For the reasons I discussed in the previous answer. Tyson and Dirk are who they are, and it feels like Cuban is going to take care of both of them going forward (unless Ty completely breaks down early on this season). If Parsons struggles this season, we can chalk it up to having a new role and learning a new system. He’ll still have next year to prove himself before people really start hounding him. Monta has a bad reputation, and he needs another quality season to really move past it.

Sameer Moosa: Tyson Chandler. With all of his injury problems and doubters, Tyson needs to show that he can still be that elite defender for the Mavs like he was in 2011. We all know how bad the Mavs look without a big defensive presence down low. And cuban seems to regret letting him go a few years ago, so TC better play well to earn an extension this coming summer.

Ace Feltman (@MFFeLtman): Hmmm, I honestly don’t feel any of them have anything to prove or need a strong showing, but Chandler Parsons is the newbie so I’ll go with him.

Rami Michail (@RamiMichail): Dirk Nowitzki. Not so much about his production. Just need to see him move well and have his legs.