Round Table: Which Maverick has most to prove in preseason


The preseason isn’t just an opportunity for guys to make a team’s roster. It allows players to showcase their skills and game.

With a new roster, the Dallas Mavericks will expect their new and old pieces to show their value and worth for this upcoming season.

So this time we ask,

Which Mav has the most to prove this preseason?

Brian Gosset (@Gosset41): Starter wise- Chandler Parsons. He says he will have a big year and after a career year last season and a new home, I think he has the most to prove. We already know what the four other starters bring to the table, but Parsons is still a young man, entering his fourth season. On the bench, I’d say Ray Felton and Brandan Wright. Felton for obvious reasons and I’d like to see how Wright does at the 4, where he should be playing most of his time. It be interesting to see how Wright and Tyson do when they’re on the court at the same time.

Kieran Hairell (@khairell): Chandler Parsons. If the Mavs expect him to carry a scoring and defensive load, it will be interesting to see how he gets out of the gate. Big payday = lofty expectations.

Winston Zhang (@The_Stepback): In terms of giving us a preview for what he can do for the upcoming season, it’s gotta be Parsons. He’s the Mavs’ big shiny new signing and will have much to prove. That said, if Crowder and Ledo (especially Ledo) can show signs of progress, that’ll be good too.

Bailey Rogers (@BRogers): Has to be Parsons. He is being paid like a star, so he needs to play like one. Simple as that. Unlike in Houston, I think he has everything he needs in Dallas to perform at his best. It remains to be seen what his best is, but I suspect Parsons to play at an All-Star level this season.

Sameer Moosa: Raymond Felton. I know Parsons has a lot to prove also, but with the number people saying Felton is done, I think he can prove the most doubters wrong. Felton had a bad year last year, and went through some off-the-court issues, but I really believe that Felton can turn it around in our system and maybe even win the starting PG spot. This all starts with how he looks in preseason.

Ace Feltman (@MFFeLtman): Parsons seems to be a popular answer, but for me guaranteed starters have both little to lose and also won’t be playing a whole lot during the preseason. So on par with the previous question, I’ll say it’s Jameer Nelson. Simply because its his starting job to lose