How will Mavericks’ Big-3 mesh?


Last season the Dallas Mavericks Big-3 consisted of Dirk Nowitzki, Monta Ellis, and Vince Carter, or that’s what Rick Carlisle told us.

This season? Carter has moved to Memphis and Chandler Parsons is the Mavs newest piece and toy on the court.

With Parsons, the Mavs will have a true Big-3 talent wise, but will it work on the court?

Bailey Rogers: In a way, I’ve already addressed this. Parsons is the perfect fit to play alongside both these guys. If Monta drives the lane and look for a pass out, Parsons is an excellent corner 3-point shooter. Either Parsons or Dirk can function as the screen man in the pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop game with Monta handling the ball. But Parsons is also a really good ball-handler for his size and position, and this is why he should also fit so well with Dirk. If Dirk draws in the defense, Parsons can drive and finish or he can pull up and hit the outside shot, but Parsons can also find Dirk in his favorite midrange parts of the floor if Dirk is the one who comes open.

Ace Feltman: Like a glove. Rick Carlisle will make it work, but I think it will already work. All four guys are selfless and uber talented and productive in what they are on the court to achieve. Parsons and Ellis have some more development which is intriguing and exciting. We know what Dirk and Tyson bring to the table. A 2011 feel is already coming together if the bench can get one or two more options.

Brian Gosset: It’s going to work well. There will be a lot more spacing with Parsons taking over for Marion. All three can create and pass the ball around. All three could average 20 points a game, something you don’t see that often…Kings were close last season with Cousins, Thomas and Gay. That’ll be tough, so a more realistic finish would be all three average at least 18 a game. Any one can be the scoring leader. This could finally be the year that Dirk doesn’t lead the team in scoring…and he’d be perfectly fine with it.

Sameer Moosa: I think it will work marvelously. On offense. Each guy seems to compliment each other the best way, but I really hope it actually ends up working out. There’s a huge difference between looking good on paper and actually playing well together. But with Monta’s slashing ability and parsons’ shooting along with Tyson’s finishing ability, there’s no end to the possibilities. And I didn’t even mention dirk yet. On defense, though, it’s another story. Tyson is he only real established defender, but I trust Rick Carlisle to create a nice team defense.