Who’s the Dallas Mavericks’ second most exciting acquisition?


The Dallas Mavericks had another busy offseason, bringing in Chandler Parsons, Tyson Chandler, Jameer Nelson, and many others.

There’s no doubt that Parsons was the Mavs biggest acquisition this offseason and maybe in all of the Dirk-era, especially considering how often the team has struck out on the bigger name players.

But it’s not all about Parsons, the Mavs are expecting their other new pieces to have large impacts on the court.

Which new Mav outside of Parsons are you most excited about?

Bailey Rogers: Greg Smith. While I love Brandan Wright, I’ve always thought he made more sense as a power forward. Hell, he weighs less than Chandler Parsons. Greg Smith is a big bruiser type of big man who plays defense and gets rebounds. He will allow Wright to play more at the 4.

While Smith is a relative unknown, he has been very efficient in limited time so far in his career, he is still very young, and I think he has potential to be a really solid backup this season.

Ace Feltman: Tyson Chandler, man! He’s a “new old” acquisition, but he’s back!

Also have always liked Raymond Felton when his head is on straight and Greg Smith is a very viable backup big. Richard Jefferson somehow was productive last season so damn, do it again man or be hated. And Rashard Lewis…well, I mean, hit some 3’s and rebound but I’m not expecting him to play much.

Brian Gosset: My sleeper pick is Richard Jefferson. I think he’ll have a big, Carter-like season. He may not finish high in the sixth man voting, but neither did Carter yet there was a lot of talk about him. Something like that for Jefferson this season.

Sameer Moosa: Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu is the best defensive replacement we have for Shawn Marion. I’m excited to see how he matches up against the elite offensive players, especially in the Western conference, like Durant, or maybe even point guards like Tony Parker, which is what Marion had to do at many times.

I also want to see how Aminu improves his offensive game with Dallas, especially that horrendous three point shot. The Mavs, specifically Rick Carlisle, are known to get the most offensive performance out of players, most notably by improving their three point shot (i.e. Jason Kidd).

Rami MichailI’m exciting about many of these guys, but outside of probably Nelson, there’s no real guarantee that most of these new names will get big run except for Tyson Chandler. Tyson can easily be the Mavs’ top pickup this signing because he simply offers what no other Mav can. Energy, Emotion, Heart, Defense, and Rebounding…