Dwyane Wade Mavericks Top Nemesis


Many players and teams have haunted the Dallas Mavericks over the years. So I ask the staff,

Who is the Mavs greatest enemy/nemesis?

Winston Zhang: Dwyane Wade is certainly the most detestable. I’m not really sure what it is; he was a really good player, there’s no denying that, but WOW is he annoying.

As a fan without personal knowledge of how he really is like, I can’t really say if he’s a bad person or not, but he just embodies so many hateful characteristics. He flops, he over-celebrates, he (and Westbrook) have the most blinkered perspective when it comes to fashion… and he still thinks he’s awesome at the end of it all, amongst many other things. So yeah, I’m going with Wade.

Bailey Rogers: I can’t pick anyone but Wade. I just can’t. He’s insufferable. He’s overrated. He’s a huge flopper, more concerned with tricking the refs into giving him some easy points instead of, I don’t know, maybe learning how to hit an outside shot. I could go on and on about why I hate Dwyane Wade. But ultimately, I freely admit that it comes down to the 2006 Finals. The Mavs share some blame in blowing that series, but it couldn’t have happened without Wade throwing himself at the basket over and over and over and over again, and being rewarded each time with free throws.

Sameer Moosa: San Antonio Spurs. In terms of a team, it’s gotta be them. There’s never been a bigger rival for the mavs and this past playoffs just rekindled that bitter rivalry in the line star state. If it was a player, I’d probably say wade, especially after he initiated the coughing mock of dirk, and he is the biggest flopper EVER. But I just can’t stand to see the Spurs win.

These past two finals were really tough for us MFFL’s since we just have both teams, but I was still rooting for Lebron and the heat both years. I just can’t be satisfied with another ring for Popovich, but you do still have to admire how they play the game. It was beautiful.

Brian Gosset: So the question really is “who do you hate the most?” My pick is the Spurs for team and Manu for a player. I wouldn’t say worst enemy, but their biggest rival…or tired of seeing vs Dallas. I can understand Wade, but outside of him mocking Dirk for being sick, what has he really done to the Mavs that would put him in this category?

He was clutch in 2006, but you can also thank the officials…has he really said anything bad about Dallas…sure Manu hasn’t either but personally, I can’t stand Manu vs Dallas. All the baskets and especially all the flops that aren’t called.

Ace Feltman: I would like to say Manu Ginobili for all his clutch damage and even more clutch flopping he’s done to the Mavericks and other contenders for many years, I recall so nervously watching Steve Nash tear us apart with an inferior Phoenix roster, years after he was supposed to be broken down and done in the NBA but actually just done in Dallas. Using the Nash money to try and find a center to pair with Dirk at last –and then signing Erick Dampier–might be just as bad. Devean George almost blocked the Jason Kidd trade, but he follows me on Twitter now so it’s okay now. Kobe Bryant always tears the Mavericks up, but part of the amazing 2011 was absolutely crapping on the sour tastes Kobe and his naughty Lakers left in the Mavs’ mouth.

However, there’s no getting around Dwyane Wade and him shooting 25 free throws in the 06 clincher, the same as the whole Dallas Mavericks team.

For the series it was Wade:Mavs 97:122 free throw attempts. But if we blame the refs and not the self-important off-putting downright annoying Dwyane Wade, look to the 2011 rematch where he mocked a sick Dirk by pretend coughing after shootaround.

You just don’t see that from many veterans in the league eight years or more with half a brain and any respect for the game. So, Wade.

Austin Ngaruiya: There can be no other answer but Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. His list of grievances against the Mavs. However it is Wade’s particular disrespect to Dirk over the years that has earned my disdain. After the 06 Finals, Wade singled out Dirk for his lack of leadership abilities.

Wade and Dirk had a true disliking for one another for years after this; it is one of the very underrated rivalries of the past decade. Wade’s actions in the 2011 Finals only heightened the amount of hatred when he mocked Dirk’s cough. Not to mention that Wade is a very easy player to hate with his constant exaggeration of contact and whining to officials. I can’t say that I haven’t enjoyed Wade deteriorate into a corpse the last two postseasons. Dwyane Wade will always be enemy number one.