Fisher, Odom Lead Worst Dallas Mavericks


With Mark Cuban owning the Dallas Mavericks, roster moves are expected, and at a high rate. But, with many players coming in, not all will pan out, with some just leaving you baffled and questioning “Why!?”

I ask the staff, who is the worst player to don a Mavs uniform?

Winston Zhang: Odom. Because Odom.

Bailey Rogers: There is only one choice. Fisher is probably a close second, but Odom was the WORST. I confess, I talked myself into Odom when I heard that the Mavs had acquired the reigning Sixth Man of the Year. That shine wore off really quick. Plain and simple, Lamar Odom was the worst thing to ever happen to the Mavericks franchise, at least from the inside. He was a complete waste of talent, a buffoon, and a locker room cancer. I’m in a bad mood again just remembering it.

Sameer Moosa: Troy Murphy. I know Odom is the popular choice but Imma go with Murphy. During that dreaded 2012-2013 season in which the mavs got random players every other week and even started the season with Eddy Curry, Murphy was signed mostly because of his former connection with coach Carlsile back in their Indiana days.  But with the mavs, Murphy was absolutely atrocious. He came to the team for three point shooting but I don’t remember seeing him hit more than two or three shots from beyond the arc.

Odom at least had a couple of decent games and even Fisher had a stellar performance against Minnesota, but I seriously don’t remember Murphy having one decent game. And he was rightfully cut after only a couple if weeks with the team.

Brian Gosset: I understand people want to pick Odom, but you have to understand what he was going through during that time. I would lean more toward Fisher because if he was going to just leave the team for OKC, why sign with Dallas in the first place?

Ace Feltman: Sameer, really? Murphy cost us thousand of dollars, Lamar Odom being traded for a protected first round pick was supposed to be a bargain. Instead he showed up out of shape and all sad and discouraged about life and basketball. We all have problems, we all don’t get paid millions and millions to do something we love. Or paid. Odom kept the Mavericks’ hands tied for another two seasons after his departure. Thankfully the Raptors lost to finish 2013-14 when the Mavs fell to the Grizzlies, or it would be another season without that first round pick to dangle in a potential trade.

Austin Ngaruiya: Mike James. Mike James symbolized everything that was wrong with the 2012-2013 Mavs. In actuality, Mike James wasn’t that bad,it was more the idea of Mike James. To me, he symbolized a desperation that I had never seen the Mavs reach in my time as a fan. Instead of sticking with Darren Collison or possibly giving Roddy Beaubois a chance to develop, the Mavs resorted to a 38-year old point guard who’s never been more than a league average player. In the most forgettable season in the past 15 years, the image of Mike James looking off Dirk to hoist janky jumper still resides in my brain. And that’s why Mike James will forever be the worst.