How important is the Chandler Parson’s signing?


After striking out on the likes of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard over the last two seasons, and Carmelo Anthony and LeBron not real options for the Dallas Mavericks, it seemed like the team would once again strike out on the “Big Fish” and their top targets.

In a stunning move, the team would sign Chandler Parson’s to an offer sheet, but the chances of him landing in Dallas still seemed slim. Yet, with Chris Bosh staying in Miami, and the Houston Rockets adding Trevor Ariza, the Mavs landed their man, FINALLY!

I ask the staff how important the signing was for the Mavs and fans.

How big is the Chandler Parsons signing to team/fan moral? How big of an impact will he have on the team?

Bailey Rogers: I cannot undersell how huge signing Parsons is. I admit that I am higher on Parsons that many, but when was the last time that the Mavs had a young player on the roster like this? Parsons already plays like a borderline all-star, and I would bet a lot of money that he isn’t close to his ceiling yet. He is young, hungry, and well-rounded. Fans, especially those of us who are tired of year after year of depending on vets on their last leg, should be ecstatic.

As for impact, I think Parsons will blossom in Carlisle’s flow offense, because his offensive game is so multifaceted. Depending on who is on the floor with him, he can take on whatever role the offense needs of him: corner shooter, pick & roll ball handler, slasher, etc. I also think he is eager to learn and continue growing as a player, and Carlisle is just the coach to bring out his best on both sides of the court.

Ace Feltman: As big as the move is for the team, it’s huge for the fans as well. After three straight off-season where nobody would sign here the Mavericks at last pried away a valuable asset from another team. Sure, he’s overpaid up front but Parsons is entering just his fourth season and was never expected to be much of a player drafted 38th in 2011. (We took Jordan Hamilton to trade him–along with Corey Brewer—for cap space…sigh) Parsons has been out to prove doubters wrong since and he’s got a great work ethic/winning attitude/hairstyle/versatile presence to help the team on the court. But as I said, off the court finally we got a free agent we wanted and fans can see a product that Mark Cuban intended, not a backup plan.

Winston Zhang: Frankly? Kinda unsure. That’s not a knock on him, but considering the pieces we lost in free agency and in the Tyson trade, I’m not sure if bringing Parsons in would make up for all of that. That said, I have complete faith in Rick Carlisle, and believe he’ll find a way to make it work.

But off the court, this signing is HUGE. Ace hit the nail on the head; we really needed a successful signing of a well-regarded player after a few terrible offseasons in a row. It was really beginning to feel like we’d never be able to attract anyone to sign, despite having a good owner and an overall solid organization. Hopefully this signing helps paint Dallas as a more attractive team to play for.

Sameer Moosa: Huge. Enormous. Gigantic. Any way you want to put it, Parsons seems like the perfect fit for the Mavs. At small forward, he can shoot the three exceptionally well, rebound, pass, and, at times, be a decent man-to-man defender. Another big thing is his youth. The Mavs really haven’t had a young player like this in a while. The fans will be extremely excited to see Parsons play in Big-D, especially because of his dashing good looks. Come on, there’s no denying it. We finally got a player that is highly regarded as a great signing even though Monta ended up being a huge steal. Sure we overpaid to get him, but that’s what it took, and in a couple of years, Parsons could end up being worth every penny, especially with an offensive genius coach like Carlisle and a supporting cast that includes Dirk, Monta, and Tyson (if we can get him back next summer). If he can get more consistent on the defensive end, then we might have a perennial all-star. Parsons does have a player option on his third year though, so we might not have him for that long. Hopefully, that’s not the case.

Brian Gosset: Shawn Marion was good for Dallas in his five years, but he couldn’t do two things that Parsons can do…create off the dribble and catch and shoot. Parsons is no slouch on defense, but he’s right where Marion is, since Matrix is aging. The deal for Parsons was huge for Dallas because now it spaces the floor that much more for the Mavs. Defenses will keep an eye on Parsons while Marion was an offensive liability at times. Bonus, the starting five got a little younger. It also gives the Mavs the ability to have three guys to go for 20 during any game. Can’t remember, I believe Jose/Monta/Dirk had one game last season in which all three scored 20+. With Parsons, that will go up this upcoming season.

Austin Ngaruiya: As far as team/fan morale I think the idea of Chandler Parsons is even more important than Parsons himself. The Mavs and everyone who follows them have long desired the acquisition of a young, upcoming talent like Parsons. After being spurned by D-Will, Dwight, and to a lesser extent Melo, Mavs fans needed some tangible results to keep believing in the front office’s process.

Parsons willl be a sublime fit on the offense. He’s the consummate Maverick with his ability to dribble, shoot, and pass at a high level. The Mavs had the number 2 offense last year and now they’ll be replacing Marion’s awkward fit with an ultra versatile weapon. With the boost from Parsons, the offense may break some statistical models. The defensive end of the floor will determine if Parsons becomes worth his $46 million contract. Parsons has all the tools to be a really good defensive player. It’ll be interesting to see how much Carlisle is able to get out of him on that end.

-For you, how important was the signing of Chandler Parsons?